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Son of Neptune

Women with snake hair were beginning to bother Percy.

He should have died three days ago when they dropped a crate of bowling balls on him at the Napa Bargain Mart.

He should have died two days ago when he ran him over with a police car in Martinez. They certainly should have died this morning when he chopped off their heads in Tilden Park.

It didn’t matter how many times Percy hit them and watched them crumble to dust, they kept regenerating like big evil dust bunnies. He was not even able to get ahead of them. I

He reached the top of the hill and held his breath. After all, how long had he killed them? Maybe two hours. It never felt like they stayed dead longer than this.

He had hardly slept for the past few days. He ate whatever he could – vending machine gummy bears, stale bagels, even a Jack on Crack burrito, which was a new personal low.

His clothes were torn, burnt and splattered with demonic mud.

He could only live so long because not even two snake-haired women – the Gorgons, as they called themselves – could kill him.

His claws did not cut his skin. Whenever he tried to bite it, his teeth broke. But Percy could not last long.

Soon he would collapse from exhaustion, and then as hard as it was to kill him, he was pretty sure the demons would find a way.

He inspected his surroundings. Under different circumstances, he would have enjoyed the view. To his left, the golden hills were inland, dotted with lakes, forests, and a few herds of cows.

To his right, the flatlands of Berkeley and Oakland extended to the west—a giant checkerboard of neighborhoods, home to several million people who probably didn’t want their mornings interrupted by two monsters and a dirty deity.

Far to the west, San Francisco Bay glistened under a silvery haze. Earlier, a wall of fog had swallowed most of San Francisco, leaving only the tops of skyscrapers and the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A vague sadness welled up in Percy’s chest. Something told him that he had been to San Francisco before.

The town had some connection to Annabeth – the only person it could remember from its past. His memory of her had become hopelessly hazy. The wolf promised that if he was successful in his journey, he would see her again and regain his memory.

Should he attempt to cross the gulf?

It was fascinating. He could feel the power of the ocean just above the horizon. Water always revived him. Salt water was best.

He learned of this two days earlier when he had strangled a sea monster in the Carquinez Strait. If he can reach the Gulf, he may be able to make a last stand.

He ran to the west side of the peak. It was very difficult to come down. The slope drops down eighty feet, directly onto the roof of an apartment complex in the middle of the hill.

Fifty feet below that, a highway ran out from the base of the hill and headed toward Berkeley. Great. There is no other way to get down from the hill. He managed to get himself surrounded.

He looked at the stream of cars drifting west toward San Francisco and wished he was in one of them. Then he realized that the highway would have to pass through a hill.

There should be a tunnel just below his feet. His internal radar went crazy. He was in the right place, at the very top. He had to check that tunnel. He needed a faster way to reach the highway.

He took off his bag. He managed to acquire a lot of stuff at the Napa Bargain Mart: a portable GPS, duct tape, lighter, superglue, water bottle, camping roll, a Comfy Panda Pillow Pet (as seen on TV), and a Swiss Army Knives – Almost every tool a modern dev could wish for.

But he didn’t have anything that would serve as a parachute or a sled. This left him with two options: jump eighty feet to his death or stand and fight. Both options looked very bad.

AuthorRick Riordan
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