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In such type of test, an incident is given and it is to be found that this incident always occurs or never.

In some cases, any word or sentence is given and then a question is asked.

Which is the most important factor/element in that word or sentence ?’ The questions are based on Geographical, Scientific, Social, and Sports and Games related information.

Example 1. A person is going North in the night and he sees Dhruv Tara and sees it on his left side.

Which of the following statements justifies the fact?

(A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Generally (D) Never

Answer with Explanation (D)—Since we know that Dhruv Tara always appears in the North and that person is also going towards the North, clearly, he faces Dhruv Tara and it never appears on his right side.

Example 2. Bewilderness always comprises

(A) Difficulty (B) Anxiety (C) Helpless state (D) Sharpness

Answer with explanation (B)—Bewilderness always comprises mental tension and mental tension causes anxiety.


Direction—In each of the following questions, many alternative answers are given for a statement.

Out of these alternatives, only one answer verifies the statement. Find out the correct alternative.

If we are going towards the South in the morning, we will see the Sun rising on the left side

(A) Always
(B) Sometimes
(C) Generally
(D) Never

A boy is sitting on the back seat of the car. When the driver of the car starts it suddenly, the boy bends towards the backside

(A) Always

(B) Generally

(C) Sometimes

(D) Never

A lady in India can marry the brother of the deceased husband but no man can marry the sister of the deceased wife

(A) Always (B) Generally (C) Sometimes (D) Never

Yesterday I saw an ice cube which had melted in the heat of the hearth

(A) Always (B) Sometimes (C) Generally (D) Never

My 10-year niece is taller than my 12-year son

(A) Always (B) Generally (C) Sometimes (D) Never

A boy driving a bicycle put the brake suddenly he bends forward

(A) Sometimes (B) Never (C) Generally (D) Always

Sun shines on the pole at midnight

(A) Never (B) Sometimes (C) Always (D) Generally

High tides occur on Maha-Ashtami

(A) Sometimes (B) Never (C) Generally (D) Always

The main work of Rajya is to formulate the law

(A) Never
(B) Sometimes
(C) Always
(D) Generally

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