Post Office Money Order Form PDF

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Post Office Money Order Form PDF Free Download

Post Office Money Order Form

eMO or Electronic Money Order service is different from the old money order service. The old money order is sent just like a Registered Post which usually travels using Indian Railways and not by flight unless the location is not reachable by road like Laddakh etc.

The new eMO is a computerized version of a money order. Many post offices in India have been computerized. Their processing has been centralized. For example, if you do Speedpost, your Speedpost PNR number is allocated from a remote server.

In the case of eMO, it is even simpler. The sender & sendee details, the amount of money to be sent is fed online and stored in a centralized server at Mysore. It is further transmitted from Mysore to respective post offices.

eMO Message Codes

S.NoStandard Message
1Confirm receipt of money order
2Money for payment of the loan
3Happy birthday get a gift of your choice
4Happy wedding anniversary get a gift of your choice
5Hearty Hearty congratulation on your success in the examination
6Humble offering for Rakhi
7Humble offering on Bhai Dooj
8Humble offering on thread ceremony
9Humble offering to the Lord
10Id Mubarak
11If you need more money let me know
12Wish you a speedy recovery
13Money for treatment of illness
14Money for your admission
15Money for your books
16Shagun for marriage
17Shagun for thread Ceremony
18Shagun on Grehapravesh
19Wish you speedy recovery
20Wish you success in your study
21Write about your well being
Language English
No. of Pages2
PDF Size0.07 MB

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Post Office Money Order Form PDF Free Download

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