ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule PDF

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ICC World Cup Schedule PDF Free Download

ICC World Cup Schedule

As we know that this year India is hosting the ICC World Cup 2023 and all the teams from all over the world will play in this championship to win the title.

So we decided to give complete details regarding ICC World Cup Schedule 2023 for which many readers were excited. Let us tell you that the World Cup matches are starting from October 5 and will continue till the final on 19-11-2023.

There will be two pools known as Pool A and Pool B between which all the teams will be divided and the top teams from these pools will play the final.

There are different teams in the world cup which are known as India, Pakistan, England, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Scotland, and South Africa.

These teams will compete with each other to win the title as per the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule.

ICC World Cup Fixtures 2023 with Venue

Match NumberTeamsDateVenue
1NZ Vs ZIM5-10-2023Mumbai
2AUS VS AFG6-10-2023Chennai
3IRE Vs SL7-10-2023Delhi
4ZIM Vs IND8-10-2023Kolkata
5AFG Vs NTH9-10-2023Ahmedabad
6BAN Vs WI10-10-2023Jaipur
7SA Vs PAK11-10-2023Mohali
8IRE Vs NZ12-10-2023Dharamashala
9IND Vs WI13-10-2023Mumbai
10AUS Vs NTH14-10-2023Chennai
11BAN Vs SL15-10-2023Delhi
12AFG Vs SA16-10-2023Kolkata
13IND Vs AUS17-10-2023Ahmedabad
14NTH Vs IRE18-10-2023Jaipur
15PAK Vs AUS19-10-2023Mohali
16SA Vs BAN20-10-2023Dharamashala
17IND Vs PAK21-10-2023Ahmedabad
18BAN Vs AUS22-10-2023Mumbai
19WI Vs ZIM23-10-2023Chennai
20NTH Vs ENG24-10-2023Delhi
21NZ Vs AUS25-10-2023Kolkata
22IRE Vs PAK26-10-2023Ahmedabad
23AFG Vs NTH27-10-2023Jaipur
24ZIM Vs PAK28-10-2023Mohali
25ENG Vs AUS29-10-2023Dharamashala
26SL Vs SA30-10-2023Mumbai
27WI Vs AUS31-10-2023Chennai
28IND Vs IRE1-11-2023Delhi
29ENG Vs BAN5-11-2023Kolkata
30AFG Vs NTH7-11-2023Ahmedabad
31PAK Vs WI13-11-2023Jaipur
32Semi Final 116-11-2023Mohali
33Semi Final 217-11-2023Dharamashala
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ICC World Cup Schedule PDF Free Download

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