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About PMEGP Business

The Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) is a Government of India-backed credit-linked subsidy scheme. Under this scheme, beneficiaries can get a subsidy amounting to 15-35% of the project cost from the government.

The scheme is implemented by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) functioning as the nodal agency at the national level.

At the state level, the scheme is implemented through State KVIC Directorates, State Khadi and Village Industries Boards (KVIBs), District Industries Centres (DICs), and banks.

In such cases, KVIC routes government subsidies through designated banks for eventual disbursal to the beneficiaries/entrepreneurs directly into their bank accounts.

  • The maximum cost of the project/unit admissible in manufacturing sector is ₹ 25 lakhs and in the business/service sector, it is ₹ 10 lakhs.
  • Categories of Beneficiary’s Rate of subsidy under PMEGP (of project cost)
  • Area (location of project/unit) General category 15%(Urban), 25%(Rural), Special 25%(Urban), 35%(Rural) (including SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minorities/Women, Ex-servicemen, Physically handicapped, NER, Hill and Border areas, etc.)
  • The balance amount of the total project cost will be provided by the banks in the form of term loan and working capital.

Objectives of PMEGP

The PMEGP project operates with the following four objectives.

  • Set up micro-enterprises and self-employment projects in both rural and urban areas, thereby creating more employment opportunities.
  • To provide opportunities for ethnic craftsmen or artisans and unemployed youth in order to create self-employment avenues.
  • Provide sustainable employment, especially for ethnic artisans to prevent rural youth from moving to urban areas searching for work, and to ensure employment throughout the year for seasonally employed people.
  • Increase the growth rate of employment in urban and rural areas by increasing individual earning capacity.

How to Apply For PMEGP Business

  • The State/Divisional Directors of KVIC in consultation with KVIB and Director of Industries of respective states (for DICs) will give advertisements locally through print & electronic media inviting applications along with project proposals from prospective beneficiaries desirous of establishing the enterprise/ starting of service units under PMEGP.
  • The beneficiaries can also submit their application online at and take the printout of the application and submit the same to respective offices along with Detailed Project Report and other required documents.

Eligibility Criteria for PMEGP Loan

Eligibility Conditions of Beneficiaries

  • (i) Any individual, above 18 years of age
  • (ii) There will be no income ceiling for assistance for setting up projects under PMEGP.
  • (iii) For setting up of project costing above Rs.10 lakh in the manufacturing sector and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business /service sector, the beneficiaries should possess at least VIII standard pass educational qualification.
  • (iv) Assistance under the Scheme is available only for new projects sanctioned specifically under the PMEGP.
  • (v) Self Help Groups (including those belonging to BPL provided that they have not availed benefits under any other Scheme) are also eligible for assistance under PMEGP.
  • (vi) Institutions registered under Societies Registration Act,1860;
  • (vii) Production Co-operative Societies, and
  • (viii) Charitable Trusts.
  • (ix) Existing Units (under PMRY, REGP or any other scheme of Government of India or State Government) and the units that have already availed Government Subsidy under any other scheme of Government of India or State Government are not eligible.

PMEGP Business List With Project Cost

S. No.Project NameTotal Project Cost
1Bakery Products1302000
2Bakery Products Big Unit1965000
3Bakery Products Unit286000
4Banana Chips455000
5Banana Chips (Big Unit)1250000
6Besan Manufacturing Unit780000
7Beverage Manufacturing Scheme888000
8Cashew Nut Processing1800000
9Cattle / Poultry Feed Scheme1000000
10Coconut Oil and Oil Cake Manufacturing1950000
11Compound Asafoetida (Hing)620000
12Daliya Manufacturing Unit240000
13Extruded Snacks2445000
14Fruit Bars1282000
15Frymes Manufacturing Unit732000
16Ginger and Garlic Processing954000
17Gingilee Oil and Oil Cake Manufacturing1950000
18Groundnut Oil and Oil Cake Manufacturing1950000
20Ice-Cream Parlour310000
21Ice-Cream Parlour524000
22Jackfruit Products2217000
23Jam Jelly Murabba Manufacturing Scheme770000
24Kismis / Bedana Manacturing1350000
25Kurkure Type Snacks2470000
26Kurkure Type Snacks Small1169000
27Maize Flakes1135000
28Mango Jelly/Aam Papad1200000
29Masala Making Unit (Medium)800000
30Masala Making Unit (Small)350000
31Milk Based Products2000000
32Murmura Manufacturing Unit355000
33Mustard Oil and Oil Cake Manufacturing1950000
34Namkeen/Farsan Manufacturing Scheme380000
35Natural Mineral Water1110000
36Neera Catering Unit631000
37Noodles Manufacturing Unit748000
38Onion Paste Manufacturing Scheme419000
39Organic Food860000
40Paddy Processing Unit. (Mini Rice Mill)355000
41Palm Fibre Brush Making Unit385000
42Palm Jaggery (Gur) Making Unit466000
43Palm Leaf Fancy and Utility Articles Making Unit452000
44Palm Sugar & Palm Confectionery Unit357000
45Papad Manufacturing200000
46Petha Manufacturing725000
47Petha Manufacturing Unit187000
48Pickle Manufacturing Scheme514000
49Poha Manufacturing Unit243000
50Popcorn Manufacturing Unit428000
51Potato Chips/Wafer Manufacturing338500
52Potato/Banana Wafers1038000
53Power Atta Chakki90000
54Pulses Processing Unit519000
55Sattu Manufacturing865000
56Soya Milk757000
57Soya Sauce665000
58Texturized Soya Protein1931000
59Tomato Products1096000
60Tomato Products and Pickles1700000
61Wafer Biscuits1275000
62Wafer Biscuits Big Type2075000
63Wheat Mill Unit885000
64Profile for Coir Fibre Extraction Unit2500000
65Project Profile Automatic Coir Fibre Drier Unit2500000
66Project Profile Coir Geo-Textiles on Automatic Loom Unit2234000
67Project Profile Coir Geo-Textiles Unit2500000
68Project Profile for Automatic Coir Spinning Unit2500000
69Project Profile for Rubber Moulded Coir Unit2500000
70Project Profile for Automatic Coir Yarn Dyeing/Bleaching Unit2500000
71Project Profile for Coco Lawn Making Unit854000
72Project Profile for Coco Log Making Unit2000000
73Project Profile for Coir Brush Making/Twisted Wire Mat Production Unit1573000
74Project Profile for Coir Diversified Product Production Unit2500000
75Project Profile for Coir Fibre/Dust Moulding Unit1900000
76Project Profile for Coir Frame Mats Unit2500000
77Project Profile for Coir Garden Articles Production Unit2500000
78Project Profile for Coir Handicraft/Ornaments Production Unit700000
79Project Profile for Coir Mat Bleaching Unit2199000
80Project Profile for Coir Mat Shearing/Stencilling Unit2500000
81Project Profile for Coir Mat/Matting Finishing/Packing Unit1731000
82Project Profile for Coir Needle Felt Unit2500000
83Project Profile for Coir Paper/Paper Products Making Unit2500000
84Project Profile for Coir Pith Block Making Unit2500000
85Project Profile for Coir Pith Briquette Unit2500000
86Project Profile for Coir Pith Grow Bag Making Unit2500000
87Project Profile for Coir Pith Manure Unit1914000
88Project Profile for Coir Spinning Unit with Electronic Device2500000
89Project Profile for Coir Vertical Garden Unit633000
90Project Profile for Coir Yarn Spooling Unit2500000
91Project Profile for Curled Coir Production Unit2500000
92Project Profile for Latex Backed Coir Matting Unit2500000
93Project Profile for Mini Tufting Unit2500000
94Project Profile for Semi-Automatic Coir Matting Unit2500000
95Project Profile for Semi Automatic Coir Mat Unit2500000
96Project Profile for automatic Coir Fibre Dyeing/Bleaching Unit2500000
97Bamboo Article Manufacturing Unit195000
98Broom Making324000
99Comb Foundation Unit183000
100Commercial Apiary Unit (100 Bee Colonies of Apis Mellifera)234500
101Commercial Apiary Unit (100 Bee Colonies of Apis Cerana)171000
102Honey Jam Manufacturing315000
103Honey Processing Plant & Honey House1800000
104Manufacture of Ayurvedic Asava, Arista, Kwatha, Syrup765000
105Manufacture of Ayurvedic Capsule447000
106Manufacture of Ayurvedic Churna476000
107Manufacture of Ayurvedic Tablets601000
108Manufacture of Ayurvedic Vati Gutika506000
109Manufacture of Medicated Ghee485000
110Manufacture of Medicated Oil505000
111Manufacturing of Javadhu Powder315500
112Medium Scale Apiary Unit (30 Bee Colonies of Apis Mellafera)80000
113Medium Scale Apiary Unit (30 Bee Colonies of Apis Cerana)59200
114Production of Bamboo Mat Board Unit996000
115Production of Lac514000
116Production of Shellac Varnish (French Polish Improved Quality)368000
117Shuttle Cock220000
118Surgical Bandage700000
119Surgical Bandage Big Type1950000
120Bee – Metallurgical Coke290000
121Cement Jalli725000
122Cement Jalli, Doors, Windows and Allied Products1700000
123Ceramic Art Wares Scheme1700000
124Ceramic Candles (for Water Filter)860000
125Ceramic Colours Scheme1375500
126Ceramic Table Wares and Allied Items In Stoneware Earthenware Semi Vitreousware1105000
127Chalk Cryons135000
128Chemical Porcelain (Mbi)175000
129Decorative Glassware1620000
130Electroless Nickel Plating1260000
131Fancy Terracotta & Utility Articles383000
132Fly Ash Bricks2030000
133Gem Cutting and Polishing1620000
134Lac Bangles Manufacturing Unit119000
135Laminated Safety Glass1245000
136Lead Pencils875000
137Looking Mirror1825000
138Mineral Grinding1200000
139Ophthalmic Lens Grinding260000
140Plaster Boards (Roofing)135000
141Plaster of Paris413000
142Plaster of Paris (B Type)1350000
143Plaster of Paris Toys & Small Status350000
144Pre-Stressed Cement Concrete Block1010000
145Pre-Fabricated Building Materials340000
146Production of Gasket Shellac Compound (Gasket Cement)167000
147Quick Lime292000
149RCC Spun Pipe1796000
150Stone Polishing Unit165000
151Tailors’ Chalk161700
152Aloe Vera Gel1860000
153Ball Pen Ink945000
154Batting Gloves629000
155Belting Leather2300000
156Bindi Manufacturing Unit400000
157Blow Moulded Plastic Containers1927000
158Bubble Packing Paper1505000
159Bubble Packing Paper1505000
160Canvas Shoes2157500
161Canvas Shoes2157500
162Chemical Etching On Wood90000
163Chemical Etching On Wood90000
164Children Shoe1623000
165Children Shoe1623000
166Cleaning Powder250000
167Cleaning Powder250000
168Cricket Balls423500
169Cricket Balls423500
170Engine Mounting-Rubber Bonded885000
171Engine Mounting-Rubber Bonded885000
172Face Cream and Cleansing Lotion2366000
173Face Cream and Cleansing Lotion2366000
174Fancy Leather Gloves1566000
175Fancy Leather Gloves1566000
176Floor Polish943000
177Floor Polish943000
178Foot Wear & Leather0
179Hair Conditioner1990000
180Hair Conditioner1990000
181Hard Rubber Battery Containers2092000
182Hard Rubber Battery Containers2092000
183Hurraichi Chappals & Sandals1620000
184Hurraichi Chappals & Sandals1620000
185Laundry Soap0
186Leather Aprons1125000
187Leather Aprons1125000
188Leather Jewellery524000
189Leather Jewellery524000
190Leather Sandal with P.U. Sole2281400
191Leather Sandal with P.U. Sole2281400
192Leather Toys1405000
193Leather Toys1405000
194Leather Wallets and Purses1660000
195Leather Wallets and Purses1660000
196Leather Briefcase1504000
197Leather Briefcase1504000
198Lipstick & Kajal Pencil2398000
199Lipstick & Kajal Pencil2398000
200Liquid Detergent400000
201Liquid Detergent400000
202Manufacturing of Detergent Powder & Cake1075000
203Manufacturing of Detergent Powder & Cake1075000
204Manufacturing of Hair Oil725000
205Manufacturing of Hair Oil725000
206Manufacturing of Mehndi370000
207Manufacturing of Mehndi370000
208Manufacturing of Nail Polish312500
209Manufacturing of Nail Polish312500
210Manufacturing of Shampoo925000
211Manufacturing Shellac Insulating Varnish (Air-Drying)268525
212Model Project Profile on Ball Pen Refills (PCBI)224071
213Model Project Profile on Plastic Bottle (PCBI)880500
214Naphthalene Balls130610
215Perfumery Compound1816667
216Production of Oxalic Acid1450000
217Programme Manufacturing of Agarbatti725000
218Rubber Stamps162000
219Shaving Cream1790000
220Skin Toning Lotion (Skin Fresheners)1258000
221Talcum Powder1985000
222Toilet Soap2500000
223Trumock Shoe with TPR Sole1952700
224Wax Candles290000
225Wind Cheater1096000
226Air Conditioner (Split Types)1016000
227Alternators for Automobiles1745000
228Aluminium Cans1500000
229Aluminium Fabrication265000
230Aluminium Furniture400000
231Aluminium Utensil Unit1856000
232Aluminium Venetian Scheme705200
233Assembling of Electronic Gas Lighters309000
234Assembly of Beverage Vending Machine1656000
235Assembly of Diesel Generator Set385420
236Assembly of Home Security System2193000
237Automatic Curtain Opener745300
238Automobile Silencer1200000
239Battery Water470000
240Bee Box Manufacturing Unit209000
241Bio- Digested Slurry2475000
242Brass Water Taps & Cock2135000
243Brass, Copper & Bell Metal Utensil/Utility Products706000
244Bus Body Building/Light Commercial Vehicle1472000
245Carpentry Workshop796000
246Carpentry Unit1240000
247Cast Iron Brake Drums1745000
248Cricket Bats335000
249Digital Clock250000
250Digital Panel Meters365000
251Domestic Electronic Timer160000
252Drawing Boards905000
253Electronic Calculators (Pocket/Desk Top)1722000
254Electric Tandoor786500
255Electronic Door Bells160000
256Electronic Fan Regulator & Light Dimmers130000
257Electronic Gate Security Systems366000
258Electronic Vibration Meters/Analyzer933000
259Electronic Weighing Machine285000
260Exhaust Fans650000
261Forging Blanks for Spur Gears1787900
262Garden Chair185000
263High Duty Iron Castings2133000
264Lamp Holders1020000
265Lamp Holders330000
266Low-Cost Radio Receivers270000
267LPG Cooking Range1720000
268Luggage Carriers512000
269Manufacture of Safety Pins531000
270Miniature Circuit Breakers1650000
271Multipurpose Computer Centre/Cyber Café536000
272Neon Sign Boards407000
273Oil Crusher / Expeller1978000
274PCO Monitor1805000
275Personnel Computers Assembly2025000
276Phosphor Bronze Bushes1567000
277Production of Enriched Bio digested Slurry Under Rebt937000
278Production of Enriched Bio digested Slurry Under Rebt230000
279Production of Two in One Radio & Tape Recorder650000
280Production of Vermicompost495000
281Production of Vermicompost935000
282Production of Vermicompost Under Rebt865000
283Production of Voltage Stabiliser533000
284Rechargeable Torch1183000
285Regulated D.C. Power Supplies420000
286Rolling Shutters1693000
287Room Coolers470000
288Snap Fasteners1360000
289Solar Charkha 8 Spindle1467304
290Solar Charkha Spinning, Weaving, Processing & Garments Manufacturing Unit2487694
291Solar Cooker550000
292Solar Water Heater862840
293Stainless Steel Portable Water Filter1044400
294Steel Book Rack280000
295Steel Furniture Unit1693000
296Steel Trunks572000
297V-Belts and Fan Belts1410000
298Water Meter1755000
299Wheel Barrows1930000
300Wick Stove1160000
301Wooden Crafts1580000
302Wooden Furniture1525000
303Wooden Patterns985000
304Wooden Toys and Decorative Pieces212000
305Wrought Iron Furniture479000
306Add-On Cards for Computer450000
307Ammonia (Blue) Print207000
308Assembling of Display Monitor405520
309Auto Garrage660000
310Barber Shop93000
311Children Garments985000
312Computer Maintenance and Servicing Unit189348
313Computerized Advertisement Design576000
314Cotton Laces, File Tages & Cotton Tapes975000
315Cotton Mattresses & Pillow470000
316Cyber Café & Back Office Services666500
317Electro Static Powder Coating770000
318Electronic Gas Lighters473400
319Electronic Repair Unit113000
320Electronic Weighing Scales679000
321Establishment of Dhaba578500
322Filters for Air Conditioners Service1228000
323Gent’s Shirts745000
324Gents T Shirts940000
325Hiring of Audio System164000
326Inverter Assembly267000
327Knitted Socks752000
328Lady Suits769000
329Lady’s Blouse & Petticoats385000
330Motor Winding177000
331Neck-Ties & Handkerchiefs765000
333Project Profile Computer Hardware Service Centre200000
334Repairs & Maintenance of Consumer Electronic Products300000
335Repairs of Diesel Engines & Pump Sets94500
336Saree Rolling and Polishing95000
337Tent House400000
338Textile Printing944500
339Track Suits871000
340Two-Wheeler Repairing Shop151000
341Tyre Vulcanizing115000
342Web Designing950000
343Web Designing553000
344Wooden Crafts925000

Negative List of Activities:

The following list of activities will not be permitted under PMEGP for setting up of micro-enterprises/ projects /units:-

  1. Any industry/business connected with Meat(slaughtered),i.e. processing, canning and/or serving items made of it as food, production/manufacturing or sale of intoxicant items like Beedi/Pan/ Cigar/Cigarette etc., any Hotel or Dhaba or sales outlet serving liquor, preparation/producing tobacco as raw materials, tapping of toddy for sale.
  2. Any industry/business connected with cultivation of crops/ plantation like Tea, Coffee, Rubber etc. sericulture (Cocoon rearing), Horticulture, Floriculture, Animal Husbandry like Pisciculture, Piggery, Poultry, Harvester machines etc.
  3. Manufacturing of Polythene carry bags of less than 20 microns thickness and manufacture of carry bags or containers made of recycled plastic for storing, carrying, dispensing or packaging of food stuff and any other item which causes environmental problems.
  4. Industries such as processing of Pashmina Wool and such other products like hand spinning and hand weaving, taking advantage of Khadi Programme under the purview of Certification Rules and availing sales rebate.
  5. Rural Transport (Except Auto Rickshaw in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, House Boat, Shikara & Tourist Boats in J&K and Cycle Rickshaw).
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PMEGP Business List 2023 PDF Free Download

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