PISA 2021 Teacher’s Handbook of Science PDF

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PISA 2021 Teacher’s Handbook of Science PDF Free Download

PISA 2021 Teacher’s Handbook of Science


It is imperative for any progressive and successful economy to align its educational goals
with the larger global goals. This would mean that future citizens must be equipped with
the knowledge and skills that help them achieve their full potential as well as help them be
global citizens.

Of primary importance, however, is the need to have citizens with a scientific temper. We
must ensure that young citizens understand their local issues in light of their

In view of this, the quantum of time spent in schools has to be meaningfully utilized
in a manner, that prepares students to become citizens who are confident and aware of
the local context and who can then graduate to global thinking. The initial focus clearly is to
create locally responsible citizens.

Since its inception in 2000, PISA, the OECD Programme for International Student
Assessment has become a premier global benchmark for evaluating quality, fairness and
efficacy of school systems.

The evidence base that PISA produces goes well beyond statistical benchmarking. By
identifying the characteristics of high-performing education systems, PISA allows
governments and educators to identify effective policies that they can then adapt to their
local contexts.

The PISA assessment in 2021 shall focus on the cognitive domain of Mathematical Literacy,
an interdisciplinary language, and tool– a discipline that plays an all-pervasive role in our
economic and social lives, in understanding societal progress as well development. It is an
important component of learning and “doing” or using one’s knowledge.

It is pertinent to mention here that Scientific Literacy will form a significant 50% of testing
in PISA IN 2021. Science is a part of every aspect of our lives and is not just the domain of

In the context of massive information flows and rapid change, everyone now
needs to be able to “think like a scientist”: to be able to evaluate evidence and come to a
rational conclusion; to understand that scientific “truth” may change over time, as new
discoveries are made, and as humans develop a greater understanding of natural forces and
of technology’s capacities and limitations.

Each passing year catapults us into the realm of new scientific discoveries. From human cell
regeneration for growing organs, to banishing genetic disease through breakthrough gene-editing techniques and recycling orbital rockets, scientific advances have transformed our
economic and social life and made lives safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

We can claim to successfully have developed scientific temper in the larger sense if we understand and recognize science to be a mere tool and as aware citizens take the call to use scientific advancements responsibly, constructively and creatively.

Against this backdrop, all stakeholders need to reconstruct and conceptualize a plan
for success and excellence in PISA 2021. Let us aim for an education that empowers our
children with the requisite competencies for a cutting-edge global presence.

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PISA 2021 Teacher’s Handbook of Science PDF Free Download

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