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Pascal’s Pensées or, thoughts on religion

MAN’s inward conflict between reason and the past seasons. Had he reason only, without passions… had he passions only, without reason.

but having both, he must always be at war, since only by combating the other can he be at peace with the one: thus he is always divided against himself.

COn beholding the blindness and misery of man, on see ing all the universe dumb, and the man without light, left to himself, and as it were astray in this corner of the universe,

know ing not who has set him here, what he is here for, or what will become of him when he dies, incapable of all knowledge, I begin to be afraid, as a man who has been carried while asleep to a fearful desert island, and who will wake not knowing where he is and without any means of quitting the island.

And thus I marvel that people are not seized with despair at such a miserable condition. I see about me other persons of similar nature:

I ask them if they are better informed than I; they tell me “No”, and these miserable wanderers, having looked around them and seen some pleasing objects,

have devoted themselves to these and become attached to them. For myself, I have not been able to become attached to them, and considering how much show and how little else there is in what I see, I have tried to find whether this God should not have left some mark of Himself.

I see a number of religions conflicting, and therefore all false but one. Each would be believed on its own authority and threatens unbelievers.

Therefore on that account, I distrust them: each can speak so, each can call itself a prophet.

But I see the Christian religion, wherein are prophecies, and it is these that every religion cannot minke.

The soul is cast into the body, where she finds number, time, dimension. She reasons upon these things, and calls them “nature,” necessity.” and cannot believe in anything else.

The unit, joined to the infinite, does not increase it, any more than a foot added to an infinite measure can increase it.

The finite is annihilated in the presence of the infinite and becomes as though it were not.

So our mind before God, so our righteousness before divine righteousness.

There is more disproportion between our righteousness and God’s than between the unit and the infinite, God’s justice must need to be as wide as His mercy,

but towards reprobates, His justice is not so wide and should offend less than His mercy towards the elect.

We know that there is an infinite, and we are ignorant of its nature: for example, we know it is not true that numbers may be brought to an end, therefore,

it is true that there is an infinity of numbers, but we do not know what that infinity is; it is wrong to say that it is even,

it is wrong to say that it is uneven, for adding the unit does not change its nature; vet it is a number, and every number is either uneven or even (it is true that this is understood of all finite numbers).

Thus we can indeed know that there is a God, without knowing what He is.

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Pascal Pensees Book PDF Free Download

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