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On October 9, 1547. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the youngest child of Rodrigo de Cervantes and Leonora de Cortinas, was baptized in the Church of St.

Marie Major (Santa María la Mayor), in the city of Alcalá de Henares, the exact date of his birth is uncertain, but it is not improbable that he was born on 29 September, and was named Miguel, after Saint Michael, to whom that day is dedicated.

Both his parents came from distinguished houses; His father was a member of a Castilian family, which had over the years been prominent in both Spain and the colonies, and which had formed an alliance with Saavedra a century before Miguel’s birth.

However, the ancient glories of the family were nearly over when, in the small town of Alcalá de Henares, the child was born to comparatively poor parents, destined for his intrepid valor as well as his outstanding literary talent.

To perpetuate the ancient fame of his race, and to acquire such a splendid reputation that the most glorious cities of his native land vied jealously for the honorable distinction of being his birthplace.

The university in his native city, founded by Cardinal Ximenes nearly half a century earlier, probably provided Miguel de Cervantes with opportunities to study in his youth.

which he himself took advantage of, and although he later enjoyed a few years of study at the famous University of Salamanca, he seems to have always cherished pleasant memories of the city where he spent his childhood, which he described more than once in his writings as “Famoso Henares”.

At a very young age, Cervantes displayed a thirst for knowledge and a remarkable interest for poetry and dramatic works.

The story of the pieces of paper picked up in “Don Quixote”, and found inscribed with the Arabic version of the Life of the Don, is no doubt based on the habit he himself had, when a youth, of collecting even scattered pieces of paper, in the hope of obtaining some information from them.

His interest in drama and poetry grew from the opportunities he had to attend the performances of comedy, inaugurated by Lope de Rueda, around the middle of the sixteenth century, in the principal towns and cities of Castile.

Cervantes first appeared as the author of six poems of little merit, which he contributed to a volume published in 1569 to commemorate the magnificent funeral of Isabella de Valois, wife of Philip II, which had been celebrated at the end of the previous year.

His friends and coaches in this section. Juan López de Hoyos, an accomplished clergyman, refers to Miguel Cervantes as his “dear and dear disciple” and speaks of his poems in terms of praise that attribute more to his kind feelings for his pupil than to the soundness of his literary taste.

Come one by one, as the laws of chivalry require, or come at once according to the dishonorable practice of men of your rank; Here I alone expect you all and believing in the justice of my cause to stand in the encounter.

“Sir knight,” answered the merchant, “I beg you in the name of all the princes present here that, for the sake of our conscience, which will not allow us to confirm what we have never heard or seen, and which, moreover, does much to the discredit of the empresses and queens of Alcaria and Estramadura, your worship will guarantee us to see some portrait of that lady, although it was no larger than a grain of wheat; Because with a small sample we can evaluate the whole piece, and that means you are safe and satisfied, and you are satisfied and satisfied.

No, I really believe that we all find ourselves already so inclined to obey you, that although his picture should represent him blind in one eye and applying vermilion and brimstone to the other, yet, to oblige you, we shall be ready to say in his favor all that your worship desires.

“Distill! You notorious scoundrels,’ replied Don Quixote in a burning rage; “Distill, you say? Know that nothing comes out of it except amber and civet, nor is it defective in its texture or shape, but straighter than the Guadarmian spindle.

But all of you must pay grievously for the terrible blasphemy that you have committed against the exquisite beauty of my incomparable lady.

Saying this, with his spear, he rushed with great anger at the merchant who had thus provoked him, his fortune was not good so he ordered that Rosinante should stumble and fall in the midst of his career, the audacious scoundrel having paid dearly for his railway;

But as soon as the Rozinant fell, it threw down its master, who rolled far and wide on the ground, not being able to stand on his feet, though he used all his skill and strength to influence it, so burdened by the weight of his lance, aim, spurs, helmet, and his rusted armour.

However, in this helpless position, he plays

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