Pale Horse, Pale Rider PDF By Katherine Anne Porter

Pale Horse Pale Rider Book PDF Free Download

Pale Horse,Pale Rider Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

SHE was a spirited-looking young woman, with dark curly hair cropped and parted on the side, a short oval face with straight eyebrows, and a large curved mouth.

A round white collar rose from the neck of her tightly buttoned black basque, and round white caffs set off lazy hands with dimples in them.

Lying at ease in the folds of her flounced skirt which gathered around to a bustle. She sat thus, forever in the pose of being photographed.

A motionless image in her dark walnut frame with silver oak leaves in the corners, her smiling gray eyes following one about the room.

It was a reckless indifferent smile, rather disturbing to her nieces Maria and Miranda. Quite often they wondered why every older person.

who looked at the picture said, “How lovely”; and why everyone who had known her thought her so beautiful and charming.

There was a kind of faded merriment in the background, with its vase of flowers and draped velvet curtains, the kind of vase and the kind of curtains no one would have anymore.

The clothes were not even romantic looking, but merely most terribly out of fashion, and the whole affair was associated, in the minds of the little girls, with dead things:

The smell of Grandmother’s medicated cigarettes and her furniture that smelled of beeswax, and her old-fashioned perfume, Orange Flower.

The woman in the picture had been Aunt Amy, but she was only a ghost in a frame and a sad, pretty story from old times. She had been beautiful, much loved, unhappy, and she had died young.

Maria and Miranda, aged twelve and eight years, knew they were young, though they felt they had lived a long time.

AuthorKatherine Anne Porter
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Pale Horse, Pale Rider Book PDF Free Download

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