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NPPA price List

Sl. No.Name of the Scheduled Formulation  Dosage form and strength  UnitCeiling Price (Rs.)
1SulfasalazineTablet 500 mg1 Tablet4.21
2DigoxinTablet 0.25mg1 Tablet1.19
3EthambutolTablet 600mg1 Tablet3.64
4PhenytoinTablet 300mg1 Tablet4.89
  5Atazanavir (A) +Ritonavir(B)Tablet 300mg(A) + Tablet 100mg(B)  1 Tablet  89.03
6CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 500 mg1 Vial44.84
7CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 250 mg1 Vial25.28
8CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 1000mg1 Vial55.64
9CeftriaxonePowder for Injection 2000mg1 Vial123.18
10CefotaximePowder for Injection 250 mg1 Vial15.80
11CefotaximePowder for Injection 500 mg1 Vial21.74
12CefotaximePowder for Injection 1000mg1 Vial35.64
  13Piperacillin (A) +Tazobactam(B)Powder for Injection 1000mg(A)+125mg(B)  1 Vial  88.88
  14Piperacillin (A) +Tazobactam(B)Powder for Injection 2000mg(A)+250mg(B)  1 Vial  170.83
  15Piperacillin (A) +Tazobactam(B)Powder for Injection 4000mg(A)+500mg(B)  1 Vial  356.21
16AmpicillinPowder for Injection 500 mg1 Vial12.71
17MetoprololTablet 25mg1 Tablet3.75
18MetoprololTablet 50mg1 Tablet5.21
19PropranololTablet 40mg1 Tablet2.87
20FluconazoleTablet 200mg1 Tablet15.57
21EthambutolTablet 800mg1 Tablet4.42
22PyrazinamideTablet 1000mg1 Tablet9.39
23PyrazinamideTablet 500mg1 Tablet4.36
24PyrazinamideTablet 750mg1 Tablet6.43
25PhenobarbitoneTablet 30mg1 Tablet1.17
26AmiodaroneTablet 200mg1 Tablet10.27
27EthambutolTablet 400mg1 Tablet2.33
28FluconazoleTablet 100mg1 Tablet6.80
29AzathioprineTablet 50mg1 Tablet10.04
30AllopurinolTablet 100mg1 Tablet1.69
31PropranololTablet 10mg1 Tablet1.17
32HydroxychloroquineTablet 200mg1 Tablet5.67
33CarbimazoleTablet 10mg1 Tablet3.80
34CefiximeTablet 200mg1 Tablet8.72
35ImatinibTablet 100mg1 Tablet62.21
36TamoxifenTablet 20mg1 Tablet2.63
37TamoxifenTablet 10mg1 Tablet1.97
38L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection 5000 KU1 Vial922.94
  39  L-AsparaginasePowder for Injection 10000KU  1 Vial  1523.03
40DacarbazinePowder for Injection 200mg1 Vial340.46
41MefloquineTablet 250 mg1 Tablet46.52
42ThalidomideCapsule 50 mg1 Capsule27.79
43ThalidomideCapsule 100mg1 Capsule55.31
44ClonazepamTablet 0.25mg1 Tablet1.80
45ClonazepamTablet 0.5mg1 Tablet3.08
46ClonazepamTablet 1mg1 Tablet4.25
47ClozapineTablet 25mg1 Tablet2.48
48ClozapineTablet 50mg1 Tablet4.63
49ClozapineTablet 100 mg1 Tablet7.54
50MetronidazoleTablet 200mg1 Tablet0.73
51MetronidazoleTablet 400mg1 Tablet1.36
52HydroxyureaCapsule 500mg1 Capsule10.81
53IbuprofenTablet 200mg1 Tablet0.63
54AcetazolamideTablet 250mg1 Tablet3.62
55CiprofloxacinTablet 250mg1 tablet1.96
56SalbutamolTablet 4 mg1 Tablet0.19
57SalbutamolTablet 2 mg1 Tablet0.16
58MetoclopramideTablet 10mg1 Tablet1.20
  59Amoxicillin (A) +Clavulanic acid (B)Tablet 500 mg (A) + 125 mg (B)  1 Tablet  16.32
60DocetaxelPowder for Injection 20mg1 Vial2558.14
61ClopidogrelTablet 75mg1 Tablet5.94
62HydrocortisonePowder for Injection 100mg1 Vial39.95
63GemcitabinePowder for Injection 1000mg1 Vial4987.65
64MethotrexateTablet 10mg1 tablet11.85
65MethotrexateTablet 2.5mg1 tablet4.74
66DiltiazemTablet 60mg1 Tablet4.87
67AmiodaroneTablet 100mg1 Tablet5.48
68Dom1idoneTablet 10mg1 Tablet2.06
69QuinineTablet 300 mg1 Tablet5.04
70EnalaprilTablet 5mg1 Tablet3.30
71EnalaprilTablet 2.5mg1 Tablet1.95
72AcyclovirTablet 400mg1 Tablet12.18
73AcyclovirTablet 200mg1 Tablet6.79
74RifampicinCapsule 450mg1 Capsule5.06
  75Zidovudine (A) +Lamivudine(B)  Tablet 300mg(A)+150mg(B)  1 Tablet  18.81
76PrimaquineTablet 7.5mg1 Tablet2.12
77NitrofurantoinTablet 100 mg1 Tablet7.23
78CiprofloxacinTablet 500mg1 tablet3.79
79OndansetronTablet 8 mg1 Tablet7.94
80GriseofulvinTablet 250mg1 Tablet1.58
81EscitalopramTablet 5mg1 Tablet4.48
82EscitalopramTablet 10mg1 Tablet8.03
83EscitalopramTablet 20mg1 Tablet12.81
84GemcitabinePowder for Injection 200 mg1 Vial1159.21
85CeftazidimePowder for Injection 1000mg1 Vial202.47
86DiclofenacTablet 50mg1 Tablet1.83
87CarbamazepineTablet 200mg1 Tablet1.40
  88Amoxicillin (A) + Clavulanic acid (B)Powder for Injection 1 g (A) +200mg (B)  1 Vial  125.44
89BisacodylTablet 5mg1 Tablet1.04
90PantoprazoleInjection 40mg1 Vial45.00
  91Ethinylestradiol (A)+ Levonorgestrel (B)Tablet 0.03mg(A) + Tablet 0.15mg(B)  1 Tablet  2.83
92NorethisteroneTablet 5mg1 Tablet4.81
93CarbimazoleTablet 5mg1 Tablet1.95
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NPPA price List PDF Free Download

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