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CGHS Rate List

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) is proving comprehensive medical care to the central govt. employees and pensioners enrolled under the CGHS scheme.

CGHS is the model health care facility provider for central government employees & pensioners and is unique of its kind due to the large volume of the beneficiary base, and open-ended generous approach to providing health care.

CGHS Rate List of Central Government Health Scheme

CGHS Rate List 2023 for the Central Government Health Scheme under National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare (NABH) is given below in the table.

1Consultation OPD135135
2Consultation – for Inpatients270270
3Dressings of wounds5058
4Suturing of wounds with local anesthesia108124
5Aspiration Plural Effusion – Diagnostic120138
6Aspiration Plural Effusion – Therapeutic193222
7Abdominal Aspiration – Diagnostic345397
8Abdominal Aspiration – Therapeutic460529
9Pericardial Aspiration380437
10Joints Aspiration317365
11Biopsy Skin210242
12Removal of Stitches3641
14Phimosis Under LA11801357
15Sternal puncture156179
16Injection for Haemorrhoids414476
17Injection for Varicose Veins315362
19Dilatation of Urethra500575
20Incision & Drainage420483
21Intercostal Drainage125144
22Peritoneal Dialysis13191517
23Excision of Moles345397
24Excision of Warts294338
25Excision of Molluscum contagiosum130150
26Excision of Veneral Warts160184
27Excision of Corns140161
28I/D Injection Keloid97112
29Chemical Cautery (s)110127
30Subconjunctival / subtenon’s injections in one eyes6979
31Subconjunctival / subtenon’s injections in both eyes124143
32Pterygium Surgery8699
33Conjunctival Peritomy5867
34Conjunctival wound repair or exploration following blunt trauma115132
35Removal of corneal foreign body115132
36Cauterization of ulcer / subconjunctival injection in one eye6979
37Cauterization of ulcer / subconjunctival injection in both eyes138159
38Corneal grafting – Penetrating keratoplasty51755951
39Corneal grafting – Lamellar keratoplasty45005175
40Cyanoacrylate / fibrin glue application for corneal perforation690794
41Bandage contact lenses for corneal perforation460529
42Scleral grafting or conjunctival flap for corneal perforation23002645
43Keratoconus correction with therapeutic contact lenses12001380
44UV radiation for cross-linking for keratoconus18002070
45EDTA for band shaped keratopathy863992
46Arcuate keratotomy for astigmatism28003220
47Re- suturing (Primary suturing) of corneal wound11501323
48Penetrating keratoplasty – with glaucoma surgery1093012570
49Penetrating keratoplasty – with vitrectomy1214413966
50Penetrating keratoplasty – with IOL implantation1229014134
51DALK – Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty1552517854
52Keratoprosthesis stage I and II1150013225
53DSAEK – Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty1667519176
54ALTK – Automated lamellar therapeutic keratoplasty1650018975
55Probing and Syringing of lacrimal sac- in one eye6979
56Probing and Syringing of lacrimal sac- in both eye138159
57Dacryocystorhinostomy – Plain25882976
58Dacryocystorhinostomy – Plain with intubation and / or with lacrimal implants877510091
59Dacryocystorhinostomy – conjunctival with implant920010580
62Punctal plugs for dry eyes130150
64Indirect Ophthalmoscopy6777
65Orthoptic check- up-  with synoptophore4451
66Lees’ charting or Hess’ charting100115
67Orthoptic exercises5058
68Pleoptic exercises5058
69Perimetry / field test – Goldman140161
70Perimetry / field test – automated140161
71Fluorescein angiography for fundus or iris9201058
72Ultrasound A- Scan777894
73Ultrasound B- Scan207238
74Fundus Photo Test200230
75Indocyanin green angiography9201058
76Corneal endothelial cell count with specular microscopy230265
77Corneal topography331381
78Corneal pachymetry230265
80Macular function tests4451
81Potential acuity metry100115
82Laser interferometry173199
83OCT – Optical coherence tomography19132200
84HRT –  Heidelberg’s retinal tomogram150173
85GDX – Nerve fibre layer analyzer88101
86UBM – Ultrasound bio microscopy150173
87Non Contact tonometry5058
88IOP measurement with schiotz3035
89IOP measurement with applation tonometry5058
90Three mirror examination for reti5867
9190 D lens examination5058
93Chalazion incision and curettage in one eye400460
94Chalazion incision and curettage in both eyes431496
95Ptosis surgery with fasanella servat procedure23002645
96Ptosis surgery with LPS resection one lid49505693
97Ptosis surgery with Sling surgery one lid60036903
98Ectropion surgery – one lid14001610
99Ectropion surgery – both lids25002875
100Epicanthus correction15501783
101Cantholysis and canthotomy575661
102Entropion surgery – one lid13801587
103Entropion surgery – both lids20002300
105Suturing of lid lacerations11501323
106Lid retraction repair17001955
107Concretions removal115132
108Bucket handle procedure for lid tumors345397
109Cheek rotation flap for lid tumors69007935
112Enucleation with orbital implants and artificial prosthesis30003450
114Evisceration with orbital implants and artificial prosthesis56936547
115Telecanthus correction46585357
116Orbital decompression51755951
118Exenteration with skin grafting62107142
119Fracture orbital repair82809522
120Retinal laser procedures15001725
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CGHS Rate List PDF Free Download

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