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Word Power Made Easy Book PDF Free Download

The simple, step-by-step method that will increase your knowledge and mastery of the English Language.

The Complete Handbook for Building a Superior Vocabulary

  • Speak and write with confidence.
  • Read more effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn quickly.
  • Develop social contacts.
  • Increase your earning power.


You will be changed when you finish this book. If you read, do each exercise, take each test, and apply the principles, your thinking will change.

Building your vocabulary also builds your brain. New words push the boundaries of thought, boost your confidence, improve self-expression, and lead to deeper self-knowledge. Learning words means learning about life and its endless wonders. A rich vocabulary means a well-rounded education.

Children swallow vocabulary eagerly. By the age of ten, a child knows 20,000 words, from the age of four he learns hundreds of words every year. What is their secret? They don’t memorize dictionaries or make vocabulary lists. They simply explore life with boundless curiosity. Every moment allows understanding something new.

Adults lose this urge and the vocabulary to express it. As our impulse to ask questions decreases, our word power also decreases. Yet this desire to know is innate in humanity. As author Caroline Pratt has written, “All normal human beings are born with a strong desire to learn. Almost all of them lose this desire before they reach maturity. Children’s vocabularies blossom as their minds blossom. Words follow thoughts.

By reawakening our innate curiosity, we can regain the vocabulary skills of childhood. The way is simple: Ask “why” again. Embrace the wonder of learning at every age. Let thoughts blossom, and words will follow.

AuthorNorman Lewis
Language English
No. of Pages562
PDF Size10 MB

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Word Power Made Easy Book PDF Free Download

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