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When you have finished working with this book, you will no longer be the same person.

You can’t be.

If you honestly read every page, if you do every exercise, if you take every test, if you follow every principle, you will go through an intellectual experience that will effect a radical change in you.

For if you systematically increase your vocabulary, you will also sharpen and enrich your thinking; push back your intellectual horizons; build your self-assurance; improve your facility in handling the English language and thereby your ability to express your thoughts effectively, and acquire a deeper understanding of the world in general and of yourself in particular.

Increasing your vocabulary does not mean merely learning the definitions of large numbers of obscure words; it does not mean memorizing scores of unrelated terms.

What it means-what it can only mean-is becoming acquainted with the multitudinous and fascinating phenomena of human existence for which words are, obviously, only verbal descriptions.

Increasing your vocabulary-properly, intelligently, and sys- tematically-means treating yourself to an all-around, liberal education.


The typical ten-year-old, you will recall, has a recognition vocabulary of over twenty thousand words–and has been learning many hundreds of new words every year since the age of four.

You were once that typical child.

You were once an accomplished virtuoso at vocabulary building.

What was your secret?

Did you spend hours every day poring over a dictionary? Did you lull yourself to sleep at night with Webster’s Unabridged?

Did you keep notebooks full of all the new words you ever heard or read? Did you immediately look up the meaning of any new word that your parents or older members of your family used?

Such procedures would have struck you as absurd then, as ab-surd as they would be for you today.

You had a much better, much more effective, and considerably less self-conscious method.

Your method was the essence of simplicity: day in and day out you kept learning; you kept squeezing every possible ounce of learning out of every waking moment; you were an eternal question box, for you had a constant and insatiable desire to know and understand.


Then, eventually, at some point in your adult life (unless you are the rare exception), you gradually lost your compulsive drive to discover, to figure out, to understand, to know.

Eventually, therefore, you gradually lost your need to increase your vocabulary-your need to learn the words that could verbal- ize your new discoveries, your new understanding, your new knowledge.

Roland Gelatt, in a review of Caroline Pratt’s book I Learn from Children, describes this phenomenon as follows:

All normal human beings are born with a powerful urge to learn.

Almost all of them lose this urge, even before they have reached maturity. It is only a few… who are so constituted that lack of learning becomes a nuisance. This is

perhaps the most insidious of human tragedies.

Children are wonders at increasing their vocabularies because of their “powerful urge to learn.”

They do not learn solely by means of words, but as their knowledge increases, so does their vocabulary for words are the symbols of ideas and under- standing.

(If you are a parent, you perhaps remember that crucial and trying period in which your child constantly asked “Why?” The “Why?” is the child’s method of finding out.

How many adults that you know go about asking and thinking “Why?” How often do you yourself do it?)

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Word Power Made Easy Book PDF Free Download

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