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Step By Step Word Processing Exercise

Practical: 1

  • Type the paragraph above as it is using “Calibri font”, font size 12.
  • Change the font type to “Lucida Calligraphy” and size to 14
  • Alignment to your paragraph to the right margin.
  • Save this file as ms-word.doc in “my documents” folder using the save as option.
  • Edit some part of your document and save again using save option.
  • Close the file.
  • Open this file again using the open option from the office button.
  • View the file you have created using the print preview option.
  • Take a printout of this document through the print option.
  • Create a new file using the new option.
  • Select some part of your document of PRACTICAL -1 and copy it to the new file created in bullet 1. Use shortcut keys for copy and paste.
  • Highlight “Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft.”
  • Search for the word “document” using the find option.
  • Replace the word “Microsoft” with “MS”.

Formatting Exercise

Let’s do some formatting to improve the layout and content of the answer. If you are
accustomed to using word processing packages have a go at making the following
amendments. Otherwise, step by step instructions are detailed below.

Exercise 1

You are required to carry out the following amendments:

  1. Format the heading ‘Auditor’s risk and its component’s to paragraph style ‘Heading 4’ and center the heading
  2. Using cut and paste, move paragraph two to the end of the document
  3. Insert a heading above paragraph two – Risks of material misstatement – and make the heading bold and centre
  4. Insert a heading above paragraph three – Detection risk – and make the heading bold and centre
  5. Insert bullet points to create a numbered list against the risk of material misstatement and inherent risk in the first paragraph
  6. Audit risk has been incorrectly referred to as auditor’s risk throughout, perform a ‘find and replace to correct this error


Type the following paragraphs into the word processing sheet:

Auditor’s risk and its components

Auditor’s risk is the risk that the auditor expresses an inappropriate audit opinion when the financial statements are materially misstated.

Auditor’s risk is a function of two main components being; the risks of material misstatement and detection risk.

Detection is the risk that the procedures performed by the auditor to reduce the auditor’s risk to an acceptably low level will not detect a misstatement that exists and which could be material, either individually or when aggregated with other misstatements. Detection risk is affected by sampling and non-sampling risk.

The risk of material misstatement is made up of two components; inherent risk and control risk.

Inherent risk is the susceptibility of an assertion about a class of transaction, account balance or disclosure to a misstatement that could be material, either individually or when aggregated with other misstatements, before consideration of any related controls.

Control risk is the risk that a misstatement that could occur in an assertion about a class of transaction, account balance or disclosure and which could be material, either individually or when aggregated with other misstatements, will not be prevented, or detected and corrected, on a timely basis by the entity’s internal control.


1 To format the heading firstly you need to select the text you wish to format.

Place your cursor at the end of the heading and highlight the text by left clicking and dragging until all of the heading is highlighted.

Any formatting you select will now apply to all the selected text.

Select the option in the toolbar marked ‘paragraph11 and select Heading 4.

While the text is still highlighted select the ‘align center’2 option from the toolbar.

2 To rearrange the paragraphs again select all the text in paragraph two by clicking and dragging until all the text is highlighted.

Select the cut3 option in the toolbar and the text will temporarily disappear.

Now place your cursor under the final paragraph and click the place you now wish to paste the text.

Select the paste4 option in the toolbar and the text will now reappear in its new location.

Use the enter/return key to create a line space between the previous paragraph and the paragraph you have just pasted.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard commands to cut (CTRL + X) and paste (CTRL + V).
If you want to copy (repeat) text you would use the copy5 option or the keyboard command CTRL + C.

Copying can be very useful when you are repeating headings in a table.

WP Exercise Learn to Ride

Type the flyer text, unformatted as shown below

Save the document as “Learn to Ride yourname”

Make the following changes after you have typed the text.

  • Modern style, colour scheme to Aspect
  • Headline to Heading 1 style, 48 point, Copperplate Gothic Bold and centered,
  • Body copy to 16 point, Rockwell font
  • Signature line centered, Heading 2 style and 18 point
  • 6 Create the bulleted list
  • Bold “Western and English” in the body copy
  • Add “Horse and Rider” picture, picture style to Metal Oval, Border style Background 2, resize appropriately
  • 0 Add a page border (your choice)
  • Change the document properties, add keywords and add your name as Change the other document properties, as specified by your instructor
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No. of Pages18
PDF Size4.8 MB

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