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Maharaja By Diwan Jarmani Dass Book PDF Free Download

Maharaja By Diwan Jamani Dass Book PDF Free Download


A Maharaja’s Day

COLONEL HIS HIGHNESS Farzand-i-Dilband (Beloved son) Rasikhul-Itikad (Trusted Friend) Daulat-1 Inglishia (British Crown) Raja-i-Rajgan (King of Kings).

Maharaja Sir Ranbir Singh Rajendra Bahadur, C.C.I.E., K.C.S.L., etc., ruler of Jindh state in Punjab was stone deaf and lived to the mature age of 75.

He celebrated the golden jubilee of his reign and received high honors and decorations from His Majesty the King of England and Emperor of India for his meritorious services.

Which he had rendered not to the people of his own State and India, but to His Imperial Majesty and the British Empire.

He was used to keeping late nights and it was customary for him to be woken up only at 4 in the afternoon by his English Maharani.

Dorothy and a few Indian women by pressing softly his legs and chanting songs in slow melodious tones, and then his bed tea was brought to him.

The Maharaja was superstitious and used to order the night before that he would see the faces of such and such women when he woke up, as he believed it would bring him happiness for the next 24 hours.

He and the State Astrologer, Pandit Karan Chand, used to sit for hours beforehand consulting books on astrology and Maharaja’s horoscope to name.

The persons to be presented for the first interview with the Maharaja immediately after he woke up. Outside his bedroom would be waiting for the Prime Minister, Sir Behari Lall Dhingra.

Who was the favorite of the Maharaja and other Ministers of the Co government including Pandit Ram Rattan, Home Minister, along with the Andes de Camp in uniform.

He lived in the Palace called ‘Hermitage also known as Ghab dan, after the name of the village of that name, and this Palace was built at a distance.

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Maharaja By Diwan Jarmani Dass Book PDF Free Download

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