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Micromanía Tercera Epoca Book PDF Free Download

Pro Pinball. The Web

A few days ago we received a pleasant visit from the representatives of Empire, to show us some of their latest projects, which are imminently coming to market.

Among them, “Pro Pinball. The Web”, a game dedicated, as its name indicates, to pinball.

The quality of the product is based, above all, on its unusual realism.

An enormous variety of tables, digitized sounds, and game options form the main characteristics of a program that will offer two modes of graphic resolution with brutal detail.

In VGA, «Pro Pinball» presents a “fixed” layout of the tables on the screen, but in SVGA, zooms, tracking shots and various animations are the order of the day.

Pro Pinball» will appear in December, for PC, and next year, although the exact date is still an enigma, for PSX and Saturn.

American Laser Games

American Laser Games productions are characterized by providing two things: action and Full Motion Video.

From the original and ahead of its time “Mad Dog McCree” in the arcades, to their latest titles, they have managed to maintain a regular line that has already earned their faithful followers.

The only requirements to be part of them are to have the eyesight of a lynx, the reflexes of a puma and the aim of Clint Eastwood.

The classic shoot’em up is a naturally successful game concept since the days of “Operation Wolf”.

Everything that is intended to be done on top are simply touches and innovations on an idea that, today, remains unchanged. Although there is no doubt that the technological abyss

that separates the aforementioned game from ALG’s interactive films takes us to more advanced positions in playability and realism.

The Last Bounty Hunter” and for Mac CD, are the latest releases from this company.

All of them are authentic cinema films made with professional actors and media, as can be seen in the staff that the game includes, full of extras that will shoot us and those that we will shoot.

The setting, of course, is cinema, in real locations and sets, with special effects and dialogues, and a double-speed CD will be enough for the FMV to work in perfect conditions.

But that is not all. There’s still more. So that we can finish off the bad guy on duty, American Laser Games has released a pack that, together with “Crime Patrol”> for PC CD, includes a gun with which we will control the aiming point and that will provide more realism and precision to action.

“PC Gamegun” will be the perfect accessory for these games, what we needed to not miss a shot.

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Micromanía Tercera Epoca Book PDF Free Download

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