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Mi Lifestyle Products Price List

According to the medical journal The Lancet, every year about 1 million Indians in the country lose their lives due to polluted air.

Most of the world’s most polluted cities are in India. According to the medical survey, today the person is surrounded by radiation the growth of cells and tissue from radiation is influenced. Radiation can cause cancer.

According to the medical survey, more than 11% of people are dying due to smoking and India is one of the top four countries.

A global study has shown that over 2 years, alcohol consumption has increased by 55%.

According to the medical survey, the evidence of not exercising increases in the run-of-the-mill life of the modern era.

WHO has declared India as the “Diabetes Capital” of the world. More than 62 million people suffer from the disease.
Today more than 100 million people are overweight.

In India, the rate of heart attack among people above the age of 35 years is the highest in the world.

Liver disease is also one of the 10 leading causes of death in India, due to which 2 lakh people die every year.
Air pollution causes an average of 1.2 million deaths in India. : Greenpeace Report.

Ayurveda is derived from two words – ‘Ayus’ & ‘Vid’ meaning life knowledge respectively.

No wonder Ayurveda has been called the SCIENCE OF LIFE, it is the oldest complete medical system in the world

The primary aims of Ayurveda are to give recipes for the treatment of illness, but more importantly, to provide solutions to PREVENT ILL-HEALTH and maintain POSITIVE HEALTH

The science of Ayurveda is based on the theory of the FIVE ELEMENTS or Panchamahabhoota These
5 Elements are 1. Prithvi(Earth) 2. Jal(Water) 3. Agni(Fire) 4. Vayu(Air) 5. Akash(Space)

All Matter in the universal is made up of these five Elements

Sr. No.CategoryProduct NameProduct CodeMRP
1Food and BeveragesAahar Orange Juice Pre Mix 500gmsIS15227₹ 350
2Food and BeveragesAahar Passion Fruit Juice Pre Mix 500gmsIS15230₹ 350
3Food and BeveragesAAHAR ROSE MINT LEMON JUICE PRE MIX 500IS15232₹ 425
4Food and BeveragesAAHAR COLD COFFEE PRE MIX 250GMSIS15231₹ 350
5Food and BeveragesAAHAR AAM PANNA JUICE PRE MIX 500GMSIS15229₹ 350
6Food and BeveragesNeustar Jasmine & Almond Moisturising Soap 100 gmsIS15228₹ 350
7Food and BeveragesAAHAR Tealite 500 gmsIS13697₹ 380
8Food and BeveragesON & ON KASHMIRI KAWAH GREEN TEAIS15083₹ 380
9Food and BeveragesOn & On Masala Kawah Green TeaIS15082₹ 190
10Personal CareOn&On Herbal TOOTHPASTE WITH HERBAL EXTRACTS 150 gmsIS15397₹ 50
11Personal CareNeustar Tyzon Deo For Men 200mlIS15238₹ 210
12Personal CareNeustar Nu Femme Deo For Women 200mlIS15237₹ 210
13Personal CareNeustar Tyzon Perfume For Men 100mlIS15236₹ 1000
14Personal CareNeustar Nu Femme Perfume For Women 100 mlIS15235₹ 1000
15Personal CareNeustar ALL NATURAL BLEMISH CONTROL WALNUT SCRUB 100 gmsIS15010₹ 180
17Personal CareElements WELLNESS FRESH-O-GUARD TOOTHPASTE 120 gmsIS15246₹ 210
18Personal CareElements WELLNESS Red Herbal Paste 150 gmsIS15245₹ 190
19Personal CareNEUSTAR TOOTH BRUSH PACK OF 4IS15239₹ 115
20Personal CareOn & On Hair Colour Shampoo 20mlIS15234₹ 100
21Personal CareElements WELLNESS NIGHT REPAIR CREAMIS14952₹ 610
22Personal CareElements WELLNESS DAY PROTECTION CREAMIS14951₹ 610
23Personal CareOn&On Maha Bhringraj HERBAL HAIR OIL 200 mlIS14452₹ 440
24Personal CareNeustar Papaya FACEWASH 100 mlIS13530₹ 160
25Personal Careneustar Neem FACEWASH for anti acne 100 mlIS13528₹ 140
26Personal CareOn&On Strawberry BODY BUTTER CREAM 100 gmsIS13064₹ 300
27Personal CareNeustar 100 Pure Esoft Petroleum Jelly 50 GmsIS13531₹ 50
28Personal CareAAHAR ROSE MINT LEMON JUICE PRE-MIX 500IS13529₹ 140
29Personal CareNeustar Amla Hair Oil 200 mlIS13527₹ 70
30Personal CareNeustar COCONUT Shampoo & Conditioner Tube 30 mlIS13533₹ 170
31Personal CareNeustar Perfumed Talc 300 gmsIS13532₹ 35
32Personal CareNeustar Sandal Soap with PRO-HEALTH 100 gmsIS13526₹ 180
33Personal CareNeustar Anti Bacterial Triple Action Soap 100 gmsIS13525₹ 50
34Personal CareNeustar Rose Fragrant Beauty Soap 100 gmsIS13524₹ 50
35Personal CareNeustar TULSI & MINT TOOTHPASTE 100 gmsIS13517₹ 50
36Personal CareNeustar Neem & Tulsi Deodorising Soap 100 gmsIS13516₹ 50
37Personal CareMi Home Lemon Fresh Clean&Shine DISHWASHER LIQUID 500 mlIS13515₹ 50
38Personal CareOn&On MILK & STRAWBERRY Luxury Bathing Bar 75 gmsIS13286₹ 100
39Personal CareOn&On NEEM Luxury Bathing Bar 75 gmsIS13284₹ 100
40Personal CareOn&On TURMERIC Luxury Bathing Bar 75 gmsIS13285₹ 100
41Personal CareOn&On PAPAYA Luxury Bathing Bar 75 gmsIS13283₹ 100
42Personal CareOn&On SANDAL Luxury Bathing Bar 75 gmsIS13282₹ 100
43Personal CareElements WELLNESS YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL UNDER EYE GEL 15 gmsIS13383₹ 270
44Personal CareElements WELLNESS 3-in-1 FACE WASH 60 gmsIS13380₹ 180
45Personal CareElements WELLNESS RADIANT GLOW FACE WASH (SOAP-FREE) 100 gmsIS13311₹ 235
46Personal CareElements WELLNESS MULTI-ACTION FAIRNESS FORMULA 100 gmsIS13229₹ 340
47Personal CareElements WELLNESS EXFOLIATING BODY POLISH GEL 200 gmsIS14005₹ 475
48Personal CareElements WELLNESS ACTI-FRESH SHAVE GELIS14004₹ 280
49Personal CareElements WELLNESS ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO 200 mlIS13188₹ 340
50Personal CareElements WELLNESS COMPLETE CARE SHAMPOO 200 mlIS13187₹ 340
51Personal CareElements WELLNESS 8 in 1 HAIR CONDITIONERIS14006₹ 410
52Personal CareElements Wellness Rose&glycerine Moisturising Hand Wash 500 mlIS13379₹ 400
53Personal CareElements WELLNESS EMOLLIENT BODY CREAM 200 mlIS13378₹ 260
54Personal CareElements WELLNESS INTENSE MOISTURISING BODY LOTION 200 mlIS13377₹ 260
55Personal CareElements WELLNESS COCOA BUTTER BODY LOTION 200mlIS13376₹ 240
56Personal CareElements WELLNESS WHITENING BODY LOTION 100 mlIS13375₹ 200
57Home CareMi Home max BRITE MATIC LIQUID LAUNDRY DETERGENT 500 mlIS15274₹ 220
59Home CareMi Home DISINFECTANT FLOOR CLEANER 500 mlIS15272₹ 120
60Home CareMi Home Kill&Shine POWERFUL TOILET CLEANER 500 mlIS15271₹ 100
61Home CareMi Antibacterial Dishwash ROUND BAR 500 gmsIS15270₹ 80
63Health CareOn & On Nu Woman Sanitary NapkinsIS15391₹ 325
64Health CareOn&On Nutrilife Chocolate Flavour Powder 750 gmsIS15174₹ 2400
66Health CareIndiagro Growmagic Advance 100IS15133₹ 220
67Health CareOn&On 9E5 NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT 30 SachetsIS15275₹ 3700
69Health CareElements Wellness Probiotic G PlusIS15199₹ 750
70Health CareElements WELLNESS NATCIUM 60CapletsIS15192₹ 1250
71Health CareElements WELLNESS Protein Powder 500 gmsIS13148₹ 2800
72Health CareOn&On Nutrilife Mango flavour Powder 750 gmsIS13439₹ 2400
73Health CareOn&On Nutrilife Vanilla flavour Powder 750 gmsIS8826₹ 2400
74Health CareOn&On KAVACHPRASH 1 kgIS8858₹ 1295
75Health CareElements WELLNESS MELT FAT 30x14g SachetsIS13395₹ 2900
76Health CareElements WELLNESS CHAMPI Champion TAILA 200 mlIS9665₹ 525
77Health CareElements WELLNESS Wound HEALING Cream 25 gmsIS9657₹ 195
78Health CareElements WELLNESS NO Vedana GEL 50 gmsIS9652₹ 290
79Health CareElements WELLNESS Ayushwaas Avaleha 250 gmsIS13959₹ 1300
80Health CareElements WELLNESS ThyHealth Liquid 200 mlIS13958₹ 700
81Health CareElements WELLNESS Antilergy Liquid 200 mlIS13957₹ 350
82Health CareElements WELLNESS MAN Shakti-man 60 VEG CAPSIS9662₹ 1250
83Health CareElements WELLNESS Privy Wash 100 mlIS14377₹ 330
84Health CareElements WELLNESS CYCLOVA 30 CapsulesIS13956₹ 2000
85Health CareElements WELLNESS WOMAN Companion 200 mlIS9660₹ 340
86Health CareElements WELLNESS URI fLUSH 3 Liquid 200 mlIS13363₹ 475
87Health CareElements WELLNESS URI fLUSH-3 PLUS Tablets 60 TABSIS13950₹ 1100
88Health CareElements WELLNESS PHYT STRESS 60 VEG CAPSIS9653₹ 1020
89Health CareElements WELLNESS NO Vedana 60 VEG CAPSIS9651₹ 1150
90Health CareElements WELLNESS LIV-a Gain Liquid 200 mlIS9658₹ 240
91Health CareElements WELLNESS LIV-a GAIN 60 VEG CAPSIS9655₹ 900
92Health CareElements WELLNESS WELL HART 60 VEG CAPSIS9663₹ 725
93Health CareElements WELLNESS MULTI-GARD Blood Purifier 200 mlIS9661₹ 380
94Health CareElements WELLNESS DAILY DETOX 60 VEG CAPSIS9656₹ 900
95Health CareElements WELLNESS IMMUNO-3 Plus 60 VEG CAPSIS9654₹ 940
96Health CareOn&On Diabalife 30 VEGETARIAN CAPSULESIS13362₹ 2500
97Health CareElements WELLNESS COF-NIL Cough Relief Formula 100 mlIS9659₹ 195
98Health CareElements WELLNESS BELOW 37 60 VEG CAPSIS9664₹ 910
99Health CareOn&On Spirulina Gold 60 Vegetarian CapsulesIS9807₹ 1500
100Health CareElements WELLNESS Fealing Liquid 200 mlIS13360₹ 380
101Health CareElements WELLNESS Fealing 60 CapsulesIS13359₹ 775
102Agro CareIndiagro Modiphy 250 mlIS15340₹ 500
103Agro CareIndiagro Mi Veer 250mlIS15336₹ 2650
104Agro CareIndiagro Mi Citra 250mlIS15335₹ 1875
105Agro CareIndiagro Mi Proud 250mlIS15334₹ 1200
106Agro CareIndiagro Growmagic Advance 100gmsIS15339₹ 1650
107Agro CareIndiagro Mi Spray Plus 100mlIS15338₹ 500
108Agro CareIndiagro Bhuastra Super 2kgIS15337₹ 1375
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No. of Pages11
PDF Size1 MB

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Mi Lifestyle Product Price List PDF Free Download

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