Crompton Single Phase (Commercial) Motors Price List PDF

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Price List for Motors PDF Free Download

Crompton Industrial Motors

1 Special Features And Accessories Offered For AC Motors
2 Super Premium Efficiency Motors – IE4
3 Premium Efficiency Motors – IE3
4 Premium Efficiency Motors – IE3 Aluminum
5 High-Efficiency Motors – IE2
6 High-Efficiency Motors -IE2 Aluminum
7 Smart Motors – High Output IE2 & IE3
8 Smart Motors – High Output IE3 VFD Operated
9 Premium Efficiency Flameproof Motors – IE3 FLP
10 High-Efficiency Flameproof Motors – IE2 FLP
11 UL Listed High-Efficiency Motors – IE2
12 NEMA Premium Motors
13 TEFC Slip Ring Motors
14 SPDP Slip Ring Motors
15 Crane Duty Motors – Squirrel Cage
16 Crane Duty Motors – Slip Ring
17 Textile Application Motors
18 Crusher Duty Motors
19 Brake Motors – KIBOSH Cast Iron Series
20 Brake Motors – KIBOSH Aluminum Series
21 Fire Fighting Motors Series
22 Motors for Compressor Application
23 Smoke Extraction Motors
24 Alternators
25 DC Motors
26 Terms And Conditions & Service Plus Performance

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Price List for Motors PDF Free Download

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