Memoirs Of Hadrian By Marguerite Yourcenar PDF

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Memoirs Of Hadrian Book PDF Free Download

Memoirs Of Hadrian Book PDF Free Download

Memoirs Of Hadrian

Little by little this letter, begun in order to tell you of the progress of my illness.

Has become the diversion of a man who no longer has the energy necessary for the continued application to affairs of state; it has become, in fact.

The written meditation of a sick man who holds the audience with his memories. I propose now to do more than this: I have formed a project for telling you about my life.

To be sure, last year I composed an official summary of my career, to which my secretary Phlegon gave his name.

I told a few lies therein as possible; regard for public interest and decency nevertheless forced me to modify certain facts.

The truth which I intend to set forth here is not particularly scandalous or is so only to the degree that any truth creates a scandal.

I do not expect your seventeen years to understand anything of it. I desire, all the same, to instruct you and to shock you as well.

Your tutors, whom I have chosen myself, have given you this severe education, well supervised and too much protected, perhaps; from it, I hope that eventually, great benefit will accrue both to you and to the State.

I offer you here, in the guise of corrective, a recital stripped of preconceived ideas and of mere abstract principles; it is drawn wholly from the experience of one man, who is myself.

I am trusting to this examination of facts to give me some definition of myself, and to judge myself, perhaps, or at the very least to know myself better before I die.

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Memoirs Of Hadrian Book PDF Free Download

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