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The Mahavamsa : The Great Chronicle of Ceylon Book PDF Free Download

The Mahavamsa

1.First, as to the Last or INDIAN KINGS BEFORE ASORA

The statements concerning Bimbisten and Ajatamatta as com temporaries.

The Buddha agrees with the canonical writings and, in respect of the names, with those of the Brahmanic tradition.

The Jaina tradition has other names; this, however, does not affect the actual agreement.

There can be no doubt that the nine Nandas as well as the two forerunners of Asoka: Candagutta and Bindusam, were altogether historical personages.

Here also, in the number of years of Candagutta’s reign, the Ceylonese tradition agrees completely with the Indian. V. A. SMITE, too, does not hesitate to accept the number 24 as historical.

Besides the renowned counselor of Candagutta, the brahman Cinakka (Skt. Cinakya) is known to the Ceylonese Chronicles.

In respect of the length of Bindusara’s reign, their statements differ from those of the Parapas by three years, in respect of that of Asoka by only one year.

The Ceylonese tradition concerning Indian history since the Buddha is, therefore, not unsupported.


The unanimous tradition of the country itself, the work of Mahinda, a son of Asoka, and his sister Satpghamittä. V. A. SMITH calls the stories relating to this in the Chronicles a tissue of absurdities”

Asoka himself mentions Ceylon, as he explains, twice in his Inscriptions in the Hock-Edict XIII, among the countries to which be despatched missionaries and in Rock-Edit II.

Among those in which he provides for the distribution of medicines. Since these Edicts belong to the thirteenth year.

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The Mahavamsa: The Great Chronicle of Ceylon Book PDF Free Download

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