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The Marriage of Heaven And Hell By William Blake Book PDF Free Download


Roars and shakes its fire in the heavy air, and hungry clouds billow in the depths.Once humble, and on a dangerous path, the just man continued his way along the valley of death. Where thorns grow roses grow, and on the wasteland the bees sing:

Then the dangerous path was sown, and a river and a spring were made at every rock and grave;

Red soil grew on the bleached bones: until the villain left the paths of ease, walked dangerous paths, and drove the just man into the wasteland.

Now the hiding serpent walks with gentle humility, and the righteous man rages in the forests where lions roam.Rintra roars and shakes his fire in the heavy air, hungry clouds billowing in the depths.

As a new Heaven has begun, and now thirty-three years have passed since its arrival, eternal Hell has revived. And take some more! Swedenborg is the angel sitting on the tomb: his creations are folded linen clothes.

Now Edom has dominion, and Adam returns to heaven. See Isaiah xxxiv. and xxxv. Chap.

There is no progress without contradictions. Attraction and repulsion, logic and energy, and love and hate are essential for human existence.

From these contradictions arises what religious people call good and evil. The good is that which obeys reason; Evil is actively generated from energy.

Nice heaven. Evil is hell.

AuthorWilliam Blake
Language English
No. of Pages58
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