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Love Never Fails

Jesus is using a tree as an example: “I am the vine, ye are the branches ….” Where does fruit grow? The fruit grows on the branches, doesn’t it? Yet the branch cannot produce fruit of itself.

Cut a branch off the tree and see how much fruit it produces. That branch produces fruit because of the life the sap that comes up through the tree and into the branches.

Therefore, this “fruit of the spirit” is not entirely the fruit of the Holy Spirit; it is the fruit that grows in our life. It is the fruit of the recreated, born-again human spirit through the life of Christ within.

Notice that the first fruit of the spirit is love. That’s the first fruit that shows up in the recreated, born-again human spirit.

Now let’s look at the First Epistle of John: “We know that we have passed from death unto life….” (1 John 3:14). John is not talking about physical death here: he’s talking about spiritual death.

This verse means that we have passed from spiritual death unto spiritual life.

You have to realize that because fruit grows, you should mature in all areas of your Christian walk, but love is the first fruit that will show up in your spirit and life once you are born again.

You see, to fellowship with God-to walk in God’s realm-we must walk in love, for God is love. This is not natural human love, it is divine love, the love of God.

When you and I became born again, God became our Father. He is a love, God. We are love children of a love God, because we have been born of God, and God is love.

The nature of God in us is love. We have His nature in our spirit, not in our flesh. (We’ve got the flesh to contend with, but we can “crucify” it.)

So you don’t need to pray for love; you need to confess that the love of God is in you. You need to keep feeding it on the Word of God and keep exercising it, and you’ll develop and grow in love.”

They began to see that. They said, “We were all wrong. We were about to pray to God to give us a revival of love, and we’ve already got it!” Often we’re praying for things that are already ours.

What we need to do is recognize whatever it is we need, confess it, believe it, walk in the light of it, and exercise it, and we’ll develop it.

Natural human love is selfish. It is concerned about me, what is mine, what I can have, and what I have to put up with.
Divine love is unselfish.

It is not concerned with how I can use you and what I can get from you. It is concerned with what I can give.

Often when a mother has just one son, she thinks there’s no girl in all the world who’s good enough for him. That’s natural love—that’s not the love of God.

And sometimes if Dad’s not careful, particularly if he’s got just one daughter, he thinks there’s no boy in the world good enough for his girl.

As a usual thing, a mother’s love is human—and it’s selfish. “That’s my baby,” mothers say. “Those are my children.” Yes,
they are, but you ought to teach those children that the time’s coming when they’re going to have to cut mother’s apron

Jesus Himself referred to it. In discussing marriage, He said that in the beginning God said a man was to forsake his mother and father for his wife. He didn’t mean to forsake them in the modern sense of the word.

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