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LG AC Error Code List

The ‘ Smart Diagnosis ‘ functionality is an exciting feature of the latest LG inverter ACs. This feature enables the machine to detect errors in installation and usage.

If there is a problem with the device, it flashes an error code on the indoor unit display or the remote control option.

These codes can help you determine the error and allow the AC mechanic to arrive at the appropriate remedial measure.

LG AC Indoor Unit Error Code List

Error CodeDescription
1Indoor unit room temperature sensor error
2Indoor unit inlet pipe sensor error
3Wired remote control error
4Float switch error
5Communication errors between the indoor and outdoor units
6Indoor unit outlet pipe sensor error
9Indoor unit EEPROM error
10Indoor unit BLDC fan motor lock
12Indoor unit middle pipe sensor error

LG AC Outdoor Unit Error Code List

Error CodeDescription
21DC Peak (IPM) Fault – Compressor DC voltage is too high
22CT2 (Max  CT) – Alternating current input too high
23DC Link Low Voltage
25AC Low/High Voltage
26DC Comp Position Error (not providing rotation – locking)
27The Inverter Compressor Discharge pipe overheat
28Inverter Compressor DC voltage is too high
29Comp Phase Over-current – Inverter compressor amperage is too high
31Current-to-current transformer (CT) thermistor is too low
32Exceed the compression ratio limit                                                                             
34High-pressure sensor high
35Low-pressure sensor low
36/38Refrigerant Leak detection
37The outdoor unit coil outlet (liquid line) thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
40CT sensor error – Thermistor is disconnected or shorted out
41Discharge Pipe sensor error – INV is disconnected or shorted out
42Low-Pressure sensor error
43High-Pressure sensor error
44Outdoor air sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
45Condenser middle pipe sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
46Suction pipe sensor error – Disconnected or shorted out
48The condenser coil temperature is too high
51Excess capacity – Mismatch between IDU and ODU
53Communication error – between the IDU and ODU
60Outdoor unit printed circuit board (PCB) EEPROM checksum error
61The heat sink thermistor has disconnected or shorted out
62Heat sink sensor temperature – high
63Condenser coil pipe thermistor temperature is low
65Heat sink thermistor has disconnected or shorted out
67BLDC motor fan lock
72Detect 4-way valve transfer failure
93Communication error

LG AC F1, F2, F3

It indicates that the AC is working in the FAN mode, and the number corresponds to the set fan speed. The situation is normal, and the AC does not have any other issues.

LG Air Conditioner P2 or FL Codes

This code indicates that the water collection tank is full. The solution is to empty the tank.

Now, let us discuss the most frequently searched error codes and their respective solutions.

P2 or FL – Water tank full error

Reason – Depending on your AC model, this error code flashes on display to indicate that the drain pan in the outdoor unit is full.

Generally, the drain pan does not need any emptying. The AC unit features a slinger fan mounted above the drain pan. The fan sucks the water and slings it on the condenser to discharge heat. So, water accumulation usually does not occur.

However, you can take remedial action if you observe the following situations.

  • P2 or FL code keeps recurring

You can remove the drain port cap and tilt the AC to allow the water to flow out of the drain outlet. If the AC unit is in COOL mode and the error code keeps recurring, it indicates that the humidity in the room is high. But, the unit is functioning correctly.

Setting the fan speed to ‘LOW’ ensures that you do not have to drain the unit frequently. It slows down air circulation and reduces the amount of moisture removed by the unit. However, you should create a controlled environment by shutting down all windows and doors.

If the unit is in the DRY mode, it indicates that it is primarily functioning to remove moisture from the air. So, you have to change the mode to COOL and reduce moisture removal.

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