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Advantages of 00 Programming

00 programming has a lot of advantages over procedure programming, many of them are achieved by data encapsulation.

Procedure programming can also call existing functions to achieve code reusing, but functions and data are separate – in other words, functions are stateless – they don’t remember their own state across different calls.

Whenever a function is called, all data to be manipulated have to be passed to and returned by the function. Data are therefore exposed to programmers, who may manipulate the data wierdly or carelessly.

Besides, a single piece of data may be passed around and handled by a lot of functions within a large project. When an error finally emerges, it may be very difficult to find out where the error happens.

In comparison, 00 programming with data encapsulation can avoid these problems. Because data are encapsulated with functions to form an object, functions can remember their own state and their results.

There is no longer need to pass this part of data to these functions every time they are called. Sensitive or private data can be therefore isolated from outside world.

If anyone wants to do anything on the data, they have to do it through the object’s functions, which can be well defined and error-proof.

This simulates real world objects better. Take a man as an object. This object can have a data members such as body temprature.

Other people can not directly change his body temprature without going through his own cooperation and physical reaction. So body temprature is a private data members isolated from the public.

This isolation eliminates the possibility that other programs may accidentally change an object’s own sensitive data inproperly.

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