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It is not very natural that I should wish to see my child when they have been to Montfermeil on purpose to bring her to me! I am not angry. I know that I am going to be very happy. All night, I saw figures in white, smiling at me.

As soon as the doctor pleases, he can bring Cosette. My fever is gone, for I am cured; I feel that there is scarcely anything the matter with me, but I will act as if I were ill and do not stir so as to please the ladies here.

When they see that I am calm, they will say: You must give her the child.’ ” M. Madeleine was sitting in a chair by the side of the bed.

She turned towards him, and made visible efforts to appear calm and “very good,” as she said, in that weakness of disease which resembles childhood, so that, seeing her so peaceful, there should be no objection to bringing her Cosette.

Nevertheless, although restraining herself, she should not help address a thousand questions to M. Madeleine. “Did you have a pleasant journey, Monsieur Mayor Oh! how good you have been to go for her!

Tell me only how she is! Did she bear the journey well? At she will not know me. In all this time, she has forgotten me, poor kitten! Children have no memory.

They are like birds. Today they see one thing, and tomorrow another, and remember nothing. Tell me only, were her clothes clean! Did those Thenardiers keep her death How did they feed her!

Oh, if you knew how I have suffered in asking myself all these things in the time of my wretchedness! Now, it is past. I am happy.

WriterVictor Hugo
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Les Misérables Book Pdf Free Download

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