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The Laws of The Spirit World Book PDF Free Download

Part 1: Spirit Communications from the Journals of Khorshed Bhavnagri


The Real Laws Of God

My dearest Mom and Dad, this is Vispi and Ratoo speaking from the spirit world to make people on Earth understand, through you, how to follow the right path, God Almighty’s own path.

So, my dearest Mom, write this book for us and let your world know about the spirit world, about the laws and rules of God Almighty, which are misunderstood by people on Earth, and about the Realms’ in the spirit world.

It is quite wrong to believe everything that your priest tells you, and what great philosophers preach, about the real justice of our God Almighty.

They don’t know all – they or you will come to know all only when you leave from your Earth plane and go to the spirit plane.

Well, it will not take just a few pages or a few chapters. not even a few books to explain to you what real justice is. It will take you ages to learn what our God truly wants from us.


Improvement Through Self-Analysis

ad souls can be helped by God Almighty if the bad soul so desires. Bad souls must have the inner instinct and may pray to God Almighty to change them.

God Almighty will definitely help them. It is entirely in each soul’s hands to be good or bad. Those souls who are bad but want to change can be changed to good souls in no time.



We are very thankful to God that He needs no W proof for our actions are right or wrong and His justice is absolute.

In your world most of the justice, even by the highest judges. may not always be correct, but God’s justice is always right as He knows you inside out.

If you try to hide something from your fellow man it may stay hidden, but you cannot hide even a tiny bit from God Almighty, and His justice is always perfect. If you believe this you will never go wrong.

You can be sure that this is absolutely true and whatever you do or say is always recorded. So lead a moral, sincere and compassionate life.

Spirit Communications

We are all trying to improve; you are on the Earth plane, and we are on the spirit plane.

But there is a vast difference between us. You cannot know all truths and we know most of them. You will not know how bad or good your fellow men are, but we know exactly how good or bad a soul is.

You cannot read each other’s minds. We can read minds up to a point. You cannot see or hear us, but we can see you, hear you and even know your mind and thoughts, so we can know you better than you can yourself.

If you think this is all humbug, let me give you an example. Our dearest Mom, who is writing for us, never realized what some people around her were really like.


Understanding God’s Laws

Our fellow spirit beings here would like us to let the people of Earth know what the real laws of God are, as people from Earth are ignorant of such laws.

We would like to give this knowledge to them and, by all means, we have full faith that they will believe us and use this knowledge for the good of humanity.

There are many false notions that lead you entirely astray from the laws of God Almighty.

Many of God’s laws have been misunderstood. Just try this game – we played this game at parties when we were young.

Sit in a circle, and have a person start a sentence by whispering it to the person beside him, then pass on the sentence by whispering it from one person to the next. By the time it reaches the one who started it, it will be absolutely different.

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The Laws of The Spirit World Book PDF Free Download

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