Lakme Salon Price List PDF

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Lakme Salon Price List PDF Free Download

Lakme Salon Price List

Lakme Salon Price List PDF

Lakmé Salon is a renowned beauty brand with more than 35 years of experience in the industry.

With a strong presence of over 400+ salons in 125 cities across India, we have gained extensive knowledge about the beauty industry, professionals, and the essential skills required to excel in this field.

Our franchise model has successfully attracted more than 280 entrepreneurs who have partnered with Lakmé Lever to own and operate their own Lakmé Salons nationwide.

In 2012, we introduced the Lakmé Absolute salon, which offers personalized services that epitomize the epitome of hair and beauty.

These state-of-the-art salons are currently present in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, providing customers with exceptional experiences.

Furthermore, in 2015, Lakmé Lever established a strategic alliance with Aptech, a global leader in vocational training.

This collaboration resulted in the establishment of 80 Lakmé beauty academies across India, aiming to train 50,000 stylists over a span of five years.

The Lakmé Academy, powered by Aptech, provides comprehensive training in skin, hair, and makeup, offering both foundation and advanced level courses.

Lakmé Salon, as India’s first and leading chain of beauty salons, excels in hairstyling, skin care, and beauty services.

Our mission is to cater to the modern Indian woman’s pursuit of beauty and self-expression.

By combining our expertise from Lakmé Fashion Week and a team of over 3500+ highly trained professional stylists.

We bring backstage magic to our customers. Our range of services includes stunning make-up, fabulous hair styling, and excellent skin treatments, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every individual.

At Lakmé Salon, we are committed to the evolution of the modern Indian woman and her exploration of beauty.

Our dedicated team of professionally trained hair and makeup experts, with their vast experience in countless shows, ensures that our customers receive top-notch services.

Additionally, our outstanding skin care services further enhance the overall experience.

We take pride in bringing the artistry and finesse of Lakmé Fashion Week to the fingertips of modern Indian women.

Lakme Hair Cut Prices

Hair CutPrice
FringeRs. 300/-
ChildRs. 450/-
StylistRs. 550/-
Senior StylistRs. 800/-
DesignerRs. 1300/-
Backstage HeroRs. 1600/-

Lakme Salon Waxing

Upper/Lower LipRs. 60/-
ChinRs. 60/-
Under ArmsRs. 80/-
ForeheadRs. 110/-
SidelocksRs. 110/-
JawlineRs. 110/-
FaceRs. 250/-
Bikini LineRs. 350/-
MidriffRs. 350/-
Full Back/FrontRs. 370/-
Half LegsRs. 275/-
Full LegsRs. 450/-
Half ArmsRs. 200/-
Full ArmsRs. 275/-
Full WaxingRs. 500/-
BodyRs. 1400/-

Lakme Salon Hair Color

Global Hair ColorPrice
Upto NeckRs. 2300/-
Upto ShoulderRs. 3100/-
Upto Mid-BackRs. 4000/-
Waist and BelowRs. 5000/-
Root Touch-upRs. 1400/-

Lakme Salon Full Streaking

Full StreakingPrice
Upto NeckRs. 3300/-
Upto ShoulderRs. 4400/-
Upto Mid-BackRs. 5500/-
Waist and BelowRs. 6600/-

Lakme Salon Other Services

Crimping/Ironing Upto ShoulderRs. 725/-
Crimping/Ironing Upto WaistRs. 1150/-
Tongs and Roller Set Upto ShoulderRs. 980/-
Tongs and Roller Set Upto WaistRs. 1300/-
Up Styles BraidsRs. 525/-
Up Styles Formal/InformalRs. 1100/-
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Lakme Salon Price List PDF Free Download

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