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Kangra Paintings on Love Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

THE tam Kangra Paintings which has been adopted as the site of this book has been used in the broader senest refers not only to the art of painting which developed in the Kangra Valley at Guler.

And Nurpur and Tira Sujonpur and Alampur and Nadaun-the places connected with Maharaja Sansar Chand–but also includes paintings done in a similar style in Garhwal.

Chamb, Jammu, Manat Sukat Berpur, Baghal, and her HS Western Hayas No doubt the paintings from these States have certain individual characteristics.

But they have the same spirit which gives a particular character and flavor to Kangra art and distinguishes it from its Mughal predecessor Moreover.

The choice of paintings had been confined to the sea from States of Kangrwand Coeur only.

Which constitute the Kangasty Act wit would not be possible to state the vanous actuators described in the Ranking In the book.

I have grown mayor frags of recent resourdson Kargra listings, which are generally acid by scholars who are interested in the market No not.

There are detoxes of opinion on details, but then I felt are so insignificant that they are best et alone.

Otherwise, the book would have acquired a controversial air which is best avoided in a work of art, particularly in this one, which dech wh the home of kw.

THIS book mainly deals with Redoyo Kashev s tough Theron in the works of mother Hind poets and rhetor can also it is for the first time that a free translation of the text of the Raskapeyd has been provided.

AuthorM S Randhawa
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Kangra Paintings on Love Book PDF Free Download

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