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SIE gave a startled cry. “What’s the matter?” he asked. Notwithstanding the darkness of the shuttered room, he saw her face on a sudden distraught with terror.

“Someone just tried the door.” “Well, perhaps it was the amah or one of the boys.” “They never come at this time. They know I always sleep after tiffin.”

“Who else could it be?” “Walter,” she whispered, her lips trembling. She pointed to his shoes.

He tried to put them on, but his nervousness, for her alarm was affecting him, made him clumsy, and besides, they were on the right side.

With a faint gasp of impatience, she gave him a shoehorn. She slipped into a kimono and in her bare feet went over to her dressing table.

Iler’s hair was shingled and with a comb, she had repaired its disorder before he had laced his second shoe. She handed him his cont.

“How shall I get out?” “You’d better wait a bit. I’ll look out and see that it’s all right.”

“It can’t possibly be Walter. He doesn’t leave the laboratory till five.”

“Who is it then?” They spoke in whispers now. She was quaking. It ‘occurred to him that in an emergency she would lose her head and of a sudden, he felt angry with her.

If it wasn’t safe why the devil had she said it was? She caught her breath and put her hand on his arm. He followed the direction of her glance.

They stood facing the windows that led out on the verandah. They were shuttered and the shutters were bolted. They saw the white china knob of the handle slowly turn.

They had heard no one walk along the verandah. It was terrifying to see that silent motion. A minute passed and there was no sound.

Then, with the ghastliness of the supernatural, in the same stealthy, noiseless and horrifying manner, they saw the white china knob of the handle at the other window turn also.

AuthorW Somerset Maugham
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The Painted Veil Book PDF Free Download

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