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ITI Electrician Tools Name With Images


These tiny bits are helpful aids for installing any of the wiring and lighting fixtures.

Their use greatly enhances and simplifies installation in all types of wood.

The No. 55 bit is used in making starter holes for the CK801 eyelets and for the small hollow eyelets used at tape-run interconnect points.

Measures .052″ in diameter.

The No. 66 wire-size bit is used principally for making the proper size hole for the “fixture” and “circuit” type wires. Measures .033″ in diameter.

The 1 ⁄32″ bit provides the proper size hole for wall sconce wires.

This hole allows the pulling of sconce wires through a wall and electrically connecting them into a conductive tape run on the opposite side of a wall.

(The wires are inserted into copper strip holes made with either a push pin or No. 70 bit.)

The No. 70 bit may be used in place of a push pin for making .028″ holes in copper tape runs.

This size hole allows easy branding of either a 12-volt GOW or wire terminal bulb into a conductive tape run.

The No. 75 bit allows the drilling of small .021″ holes at tape juncture points for easy insertion of 1/8″ brads in hardwood or Masonite structures. (May also be used for outlet and switch nails.)

The drilling of holes simplifies brad installation and assures a tight electrical fit between the brand and copper strip.

All bits may be used with either a 1 ⁄4″ electric drill or the CK201 Mini Drill.


There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than working inside an unlit dollhouse room.

Whether it’s during the construction process or when wiring it’s no fun working in the dark.

That’s where our new swivel-head flashlight comes to the rescue.

This unique device with its rotating head, small size, and bright, wide beam makes it the perfect answer for lighting
even the smallest of dollhouse rooms.

Simply place it in the room and point it in any direction where illumination is required.

Its compact size makes it easy to carry in either a pocket or purse.

An attached clip on the back also makes it convenient to carry on a belt.

Use this uniquely styled flashlight in your car, at the office or in your home; wherever a quick, bright light is required.

Measures 3-1/8″ high by 1-5/8″ wide by 3/4″ deep.

Requires two easily replaceable AA batteries, not included.


This high-powered kit contains all the basic items included in the Large House Kit, plus a larger 40-watt transformer, and provides substantial cost savings for those wishing to equip their dollhouse with working outlets and plugs.

Its triple quantity of tape will wire a 12 to 15-room dollhouse and the powerful 40-watt transformer will light up to 64 12-volt or 100 16-volt bulbs.

Two cut-glass ceiling globes provide a sparkling light source for any room and the CK0204 tester makes easy work of all electrical testing.

In addition, eight of our popular plugs and outlets are included in each kit for that final touch of realism.

As for the economy, the CK0100 kit provides a 15 to 20% savings over the purchase of parts on an individual basis. It’s a great buy!



The CK1008 lead-in wire provides a transformer to dollhouse electrical interconnection and may be used with any screw-terminal type transformer.

One end of the wire is equipped with a plug for connection to a Junction Splice on the dollhouse and the other with spade lugs for connection to the transformer output terminals.

The overall length is approximately 6 feet.


This lead-in wire may be used for those installations requiring the convenience of a total dollhouse on/off power control. (Eliminates the need for unplugging the leading wire from the dollhouse to disconnect power.)

Same in all other respects as CK1008.

C. TRANSFORMER LEAD-IN WIRE (with switch and spade lugs)

Use this lead-in wire in any application requiring spade lugs at both ends, i.e., transformers to terminal blocks. Contains an in-line switch and is identical in all other respects to CK1008-1.

D. TRANSFORMER LEAD-IN WIRE (with switch and fuse holder)

Same as CK1008-1 but with added in-line fuse holder.

Can be used for the protection of any transformer with screw terminals.

The fuse holder is a threaded assembly and accepts all Cir-Kit fuses.

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