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Trades Engineering Drawing

Conclusion Effective communication is possible when graphical language is supported by written language/vocal language and vice versa.

Engineering drawing is a language which uses both graphical language and written language for effective communication Eg. In FM radios jockeys use vocal language Eg. News papers use graphical language + Written language Eg.

In television they use Graphical language (motion/ still pictures) + written language + vocal language For Effective communication Engineering drawing is a graphical language which also uses written language for effective communication Engineering drawing – Its Importance and Types Importance of Engineering Drawing The economical success of any country is mainly depended on its industrial development.

Due to the globalization any industry of our country expected to be of global market standard. Due to the above said reason our Indian product required to be of very high quality with respect to size of dimension, fit, tolerance and finish etc.

To produce a best standard product all the technical personnel (Engineers to craftsmen) in an industry must have a sound knowledge in engineering drawing because engineering drawing is the language of engineers.

Engineering drawing is a universal language. Different types of lines are its alphabets.

Technical personnel in any industry including craftsmen are expected to communicate anything concerning a part or a component by drawings involving lines, symbols, conventions, and abbreviations etc.

With our spoken languages it is impossible to express the details of a job or a product.

Engineering drawing knowledge and practice are must for designing or producing a component or part. Even a small mistake in the drawing may reflect very badly in the product.

reading and doing engineering drawing are very much essential for craftsmen and engineers
One picture worth one thousand word

A drawing is a graphical representation of an object, or part of it, and is the result of creative thought by an engineer or technician.

When one person sketches a rough map in giving direction to another, this is graphic communication.

Graphic communication involves using visual materials to relate ideas. Drawings, photographs, slides, transparencies, and sketches are all forms of graphic communication.

Any medium that uses a graphic image to aid in conveying a message, instructions, or idea is involved in graphic communication.

One of the most widely used forms of graphic communication is drawing. Technically, it can be defined as “a graphic representation of an idea, a concept or an entity which actually or potentially exists in life”

Drawing is one of the oldest forms of communicating, dating back even further than verbal communication.

The drawing itself is a way of communicating necessary information about an abstract, such as an idea or concept, or a graphic representation of some real entity, such as a machine part, hose or tools.

There are two basic types of drawings: Artistic and Technical drawings. Technical drawings allows efficient communication among engineers and can be kept as a record of the planning process.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a technical drawing is a much more effective tool for ngineers than a written plan.

The technical drawing, on the other hand, is not subtle, or abstract. It does not require an understanding of its creator, only an the understanding of technical drawings.

A technical drawing is a means of clearly and concisely communicating all of the information necessary to transform an idea or a concept in to reality.

Therefore, a technical drawing often contains more than just a graphic representation of its subject. It also contains dimensions, notes and specifications.

Fields of use:

Technical drawing is the preferred method of drafting in all engineering fields, including, but not limited to, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture.

Purpose of studying engineering drawing:

To develop the ability to produce simple engineering drawing and sketches based on current practice

To develop the skills to read manufacturing and construction drawings used in industry.
To develop a working knowledge of the layout of plant
and equipment.
To develop skills in abstracting information from calculation sheets and schematic diagrams to produce.
working drawings for manufacturers, installers and

Main types of Engineering drawing:

Regardless of branch of engineering the engineering drawing is used. However based on the major engineering branches, engineering drawing can be classified.

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Common for all Engineering Trades Engineering Drawing PDF Free Download

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