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Incident Reporting Form Templates PDF Free Download

Incident Report Templates

The scope of an incident report is to lead the investigating group through the process of deciding the event sequence that leads to the accident or incident.

It will then be processed by identifying the root cause and corrective measures. This will help avoid any incident from happening again.

All incidents will be further investigated. It will be conducted as they identify needed generic corrective actions to avoid accidents.

Regardless of how deep the investigation is, the procedure will vary with the circumstances of the incident.

To help you when it comes to reporting formatting, you might want to check out Report Samples in Doc.

Situations that Require an Incident Report

  • The report alerts the need for immediate investigation and follow-up.
  • Incidents that require reporting are the following:
  • Assault, homicide, or other crime resulting in death.
  • Any elopement that results in death or major permanent loss of function.
  • Rape
  • Poisoning occurs within the institution.
  • Equipment malfunction or equipment user error during treatment or diagnosis.
  • Patient death, paralysis, or coma associated with a medication error.
  • Surgery on the wrong patient.
  • These are just some of the instances where there is an imperative to file an incident report.
  • Our Accident Report samples are helpful when it comes to situations like these.
  • You can check the link to see more document samples.

Prepare a Perfect Incident Report

Part 1
  • When writing an incident report, the first thing you need to do is to look for facts. Gather and record them.
  • The following are the necessary details you need to include:
  • Date, time, and specific location of the incident.
  • Names of the people involved and their immediate supervisor(s).
  • Names and accounts of witnesses.
  • What are the instances that led to the incident?
  • What are the people doing at the moment of the incident?
  • Certain injuries of the body.
  • What are the types of treatment for injuries?
Part 2
  • Based on the gathered facts, it will be the right time to determine the sequence of events.
  • You should include in your report the events leading up to the incident.
  • The instances involved in the incident as well as the events following right after the incident should be written as well.
Part 3
  • Examine and determine the facts. There should be an in-depth analysis of the causes of the accident in your report.
  • Include what are the primary causes, secondary causes, and other contributing factors.
Part 4
  • Never forget to include recommendations for corrective action.
  • This might include immediate actions as well as long-term corrective measures such as:
  • When an employee is in training for safe work practices.
  • Activities for preventive maintenance.
  • This will keep materials in good condition and operational.
  • Job procedure evaluations with a recommendation for changes.
  • Conducting a job hazard analysis.
  • This will help determine the task for any other hazards.
  • Training employees for these will then be conducted.
Part 5
  • When it comes to formatting, ensure you have short and concise paragraphs so that the reader will know when you are describing new facts.
  • You can use bullet points as this will help your report look more organized.
  • It will be easier to read and will draw the reader’s eye toward important points.
  • You can take a look at our behavior incident report samples for reference.
  • These Report Examples will give you more precise insight into what should be included and the standard format as well
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Incident Reporting Form Templates PDF Free Download

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