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IMC Business Starter Guide PDF Free Download

IMC Business Starter Guide

Know how to start your business and live a comfortable life with IMC’s Business Plan.

This comprehensive business plan will teach how to grow in the direct selling industry and become an inspiring leader.

A Code of Ethics is a legal document containing guidelines, policies, and rules framed by the company to help the associates work in a professional and ethical manner.

Our Code of Ethics is the benchmark set by the company that associates have to maintain to ensure customer satisfaction and a transparent working system devoid of malpractices and corruption.

In this technology-driven world, IMC has launched its Mobile App to assist business associates.

This app helps associates check their Login Id wherever they are with a click and work effortlessly using their Smartphone in a hassle-free manner.

IMC has a global presence and is able to reach the masses across borders with the help of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

BV: All products are assigned a number called BV (Business Volume).

This is the figure on which all commissions are paid every month.

The levels & profits are based and calculated on business volumes generated by the Associates.

Personal Business Volume (PBV): All the products purchased by an Associate on his/her Associate ID will be his/her Personal Business Volume (PBV).

Group Business Volume (GBV): The BV earned by an Associate in different downlines, irrespective of any level or qualification, will be an Associate’s Group Business Volume (GBV).

Personal Group Business Volume (PGBV): The BV earned by an Associate in different downlines and his personal BV will be your PGBV.

When in an Associate’s any downline, an Associate qualifies as a Qualified Super Star Level (30,000 BV & above), then his BVs will not be treated as your PGBV.

If the BVs of Super Star Level Associate is less than 30,000, then his BVs will be treated as an Associate’s PGBV.

To achieve the Chairman Star Associate Award, an Associate should have 5 Qualified Superstar Associates in 5 different legs in the same month, then he/she becomes an Chairman Star Associates and achieves the profit level of 45%.

Performance Bonus

To avail the profit level of 45%, an associate needs to maintain a minimum of Five Qualified superstar legs in Five different legs for 3 consecutive months, and from the fourth month onwards, an associate needs to maintain minimum Ruby Star level, else his/her profit level will be reduced as per the qualified criteria for that month 5 Qualified Super Star
Leadership Bonus To earn the Leadership Bonus, a Chairman Star Associate should have 5 Qualified Superstar Legs in his downline in the same month, then he/she can earn the leadership bonus of 5%, 3%, 2%, 2% & 1% from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th active generation respectively.

✩ Condition for availing maximum Leadership Bonus:

If an Associate earns 20,000 PGBV then he/she will get the Leadership Bonus from 5 Qualified legs, else he/she will get the leadership bonus from 4 qualified legs only and the Leadership bonus of the remaining leg (with the minimum business volume) will be rolled up to the up line qualified Associate.

Funds If an Associate maintains 5 Qualified Super Star Legs every month consecutively for three months, then from the 4th month by maintaining this level he/she becomes eligible to get Travelling Fund, Bike Fund, Car Fund, House Fund, Chairman Star Fund & Meeting Fund.

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IMC Business Starter Guide Book PDF Free Download

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