ICICI Lombard All Risk Insurance Claim Form PDF

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ICICI Lombard All Risk Insurance Claim Form PDF Free Download

ICICI Lombard All Risk Insurance Claim Form

(a) The statements/information given/stated by me/us in this claim form are true, correct
and complete.

(b) The details of all persons having an interest in the property in respect of which the
the claim being made is provided as per the proposal form or by way of an
endorsement in the policy.

Furthermore, save and except as provided or disclosed in this claim form, no claim made hereunder (or the same/similar claim) has been made or lodged with any other insurance company.

(c) No material information which is relevant to the processing of the claim or which in
any manner that has a bearing on the claim has been withheld or not disclosed.

(d) If I/we have given/made any false or fraudulent statement/information, or suppressed
or concealed or in any manner failed to disclose material information, the policy shall
be void and that I/We shall not be entitled to all/any rights to recover thereunder in
respect of any or all claims, past, present, or future

(e) The receipt of this claim form/other supporting/related documents does not constitute
or be deemed to constitute an agreement by the Company of the claim and the
The company reserves the right to process or reject or require further/additional
information in respect of the claim.

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No. of Pages3
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ICICI Lombard All Risk Insurance Claim Form PDF Free Download

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