The History and Social Influence Of The Potato

The History and Social Influence Of The Potato Book PDF Free Download

The History and Social Influence Of The Potato Book PDF Free Download

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Immigrant Man and the Andean Potato

Just as it is impossible to discuss intelligently the history of the potato without a reference to those early agriculturists.

Who won and fashioned it, so would it be futile were we to leave undescribed the peculiar setting in which both plant and man evolved their mutual understanding.

For the early history of the potato was set on a stage dominated by the mysterious grandeur of the Andes, whose dread influence could never.

Have been long absent from the thought and actions of the men who, thousands of years before the coming of Columbus, won for all mankind this and other priceless gifts from the recesses of nature’s storehouse.

The problem is confined geographically to the continent of South America, by the fact that nowhere in Central or North America was the potato cultivated in pre-Columbian times.

This is the more curious when we realize that as far north as Colorado various species of wild tuber-bearing Solanums are to be found.

Mexico, in particular, is so rich in such plants that Vavilov regarded it as a definite focus of differentiation and dispersion.

The tubers of some of these wild plants are at times eaten by the natives, but they are not, and apparently never were, cultivated.

The same is reported from Guate mala. When later the potato gained entry into Mexico after the Conquest, it was the Peru-Bolivian potato that was imported and grown there.

The Navaja Indians of South Western United States still boil and roast the small tubers of the two wild species, S. James and S. Fendleri.

It seems possible that the people of these parts, especially in Mexico, were on the point of developing an independent culture of the potato when the coming of the Spaniards destroyed their civilization.

In South America, the immigrant peoples found a large variety of wild potatoes, but in contrast to those of North and Central America request.

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The History and Social Influence Of The Potato Book PDF Free Download

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