On Having No Head: Zen And Rediscovery Of The Obvious PDF

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On Having No Head Zen Book PDF Free Download

On Having No Head - Zen Book PDF Free Download

On Having No Head

Zen and the rediscovery of the obvious


The best way for me to introduce the reader to the revised edition of this book is to relate how its original edition first fell into my hands.

It was 1961 and, returning from university lectures in Australia, 1 had scheduled a stop in Bangkok to discuss with John Blofeld his recently published translations.

The Zen Teaching of thang Po and The Zem Teachings of Hui Hol We had scarcely settled into our conversations when in reference to some point.

I had raised he reached for a slim volume on his rattan coffee table which he said had arrived out of the blue the week before; it was this book in hand.

I do not recall the point he used it to amplify, but I remember vividly his enthusiasm for the book itself. “I have no idea who this man Harding is,” he said: “he may be a London cabbie for all I know. But he’s got it just right.”

The next day as I was saying my farewells Blofeld again reached for the book, this time insisting that I take it with me for flight reading.

By then my curiosity was such that I did not even go through the motions of protesting his generosity, so high over the Pacific I had the opportunity to check out his assessment It was accurate.

Harding had indeed gotten it just right. Not that the magic will work for everyone: one can never be sure that words will produce the effects they intend.

But I know of no other piece of writing as concise as the opening chapter of this book that stands a better chance of shifting the reader’s perception to a different register.

And the reason is clear. Insight derives from images more than it does from reasoning, and the image Harding hit on is a powerful one.

“I have no head.” Outrageous on first hearing, the author stays with the claim – circling it. returning to it, until a barrier breaks and we see. not something different, but in a different way.

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On Having No Head – Zen Book PDF Free Download

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