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Hindustan Feeds Price List PDF Free Download

Hindustan Feeds Rate List 2023

Hindustan Feeds is a professionally managed business that has been working in the field of cattle feed since 1988.

The company has state-of-the-art facilities at Baramati, Rajasthan, Satara, and Shrirampur that altogether have a manufacturing capacity of 2000 metric tonnes of feed per day.

We at Hindustan Feeds understand that your cattle have specific nutrition needs at different stages of life. This is why we focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients to produce high-quality feed so that your animals give you maximum performance.

Our day-to-day operations are based on the principle that “true success lies in the progress of our customers, suppliers, business partners, and the community”.

Supported by our core values of integrity, transparency, and respect, we bring to our customers a wide range of animal nutrition solutions to help them achieve profitable business operations.

Hindustan Bulls Feeds

Feeds NameWeightPrice
Balram25 KgRs.

Hindustan Calves and Cow Feeds

Feeds NameWeightPrice
Govatsa Starter25 KgRs.
Govasta Grover50 KgRs.
Govasta Heifer50 KgRs.
Vatsalya50 KgRs.

Hindustan Cows & Buffaloes Feeds

Feeds NameWeightPrice
Chandraneel50 Kg
Goldcorn50 Kg
Gomed50 Kg
Hira50 Kg
Indraneel50 Kg
Kohinoor50 Kg
Manik59 Kg
Moti50 Kg
Pushkaraj50 Kg
Pushkaraj Milk Plus50 Kg
Popular1 Kg
Power Gold50 Kg
Rajat59 Kg
Surya Doodh Ganga50 Kg
Surya Doodh Sagar50 Kg
Surya Doodh Shakti50 Kg
Suryaneel50 Kg
Suvarna59 Kg
Superior1 Kg

Hindustan Goats Feeds

Feeds NameWeightPrice
Kanak Junior25 Kg
Kanak Senior25 Kg

Hindustan Horses Feeds

Feeds NameWeightPrice
Ashwashakti50 Kg
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Hindustan Feeds Price List PDF Free Download

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