Harry Potter And The Methods of Rationality PDF

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Harry Potter And The Methods of Rationality

Hermione looked at his trunk, which, she was beginning to suspect, was rather more special than her own.

“All right,” Hermione said, “since you say so,” and she rather gingerly poured a bit of green pop onto a corner of the boy’s robes.

Then she stared at it, trying to remember how long the original fluid had taken to disappear… And the green stain vanished!

Hermione let out a sigh of relief, not least because this meant she wasn’t dealing with all of the Dark Lord’s magical power.

Well, Step 3 was measuring the results, but in this case, that was just seeing that the stain had vanished. And she supposed she could probably skip Step 4, about the cardboard poster.

“My answer is that the robes are Charmed to keep themselves clean.” “Not quite,” said the boy. Hermione felt a stab of disappointment.

She really wished she wouldn’t have felt that way, the boy wasn’t a teacher, but it was still a test and she’d gotten a question wrong and that always felt like a little punch in the stomach.

(It said almost everything you needed to know about Hermione Granger that she had never let that stop her, or even let it interfere with her love of being tested.)

“The sad thing is,” said the boy, “you probably did everything the book told you to do.

You made a prediction that would distinguish between the robe being charmed and not charmed, and you tested it and rejected the null hypothesis that the robe was not charmed.

But unless you read the very, very best sort of books, they won’t quite teach you how to do science properly.

Well enough to really get the right answer, I mean, and not just churn out another publication like Dad always complains about.

WriterEliezer Yudkowsky
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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Book Pdf Free Download

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