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The Principles Of Exercise Therapy Book PDF Free Download

The Principles Of Exercise Therapy Book PDF Free Download



Gravity is the force by which all bodies are attracted to the earth. Newton concluded from experiments and observations that a force of attraction existed between all material objects.

And that the magnitude of this attraction was directly proportional to the mass of each body and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

The gravitational attraction of the earth for every other body is directed towards the earth’s center. The force of gravity acts continuously upon the human body, and if unopposed the latter will fall to the ground.

The effects of gravity can be counterbalanced when a force equal and opposite to it is cm ployed, such as the support of a plinth, the buoyancy of the water, or a static muscular contraction.


The line of gravity is a vertical line through the center of gravity. When the human body is in the fundamental standing position the line of gravity through.

The body of the second sacral vertebra passes through the vertex and a point between the feet, level with the transverse tarsal joints.

The relationship of body structures to this line is subject to considerable variation in accordance with individual differences in posture and anatomical structure.

It is estimated that on average when the picture is and the line passes through the mid-cervical and mid-lumbar vertebrae and in front of the thoracic vertebrae.

The external ear and the point of the shoulder area in the same frontal plane and lic lateral to the line, and the central axis of the knee joint and the ankle joints are postero-lateral.

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The Principles Of Exercise Therapy Book PDF Free Download

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  1. Since long this book has not been upgraded, therefore it needs to be upgraded with new and up-to-date knowledge in the field of physiotherapy

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