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They strive to communicate this message clearly, although now their post-postmodern eyes are open to the impossibility of neutrality and objectivity.

In contrast to the predominant modern concept of the designer as a neutral transmitter of information, many designers are now producing their own content, typically for both critical and entrepreneurial purposes.

This assertion of artistic presence is an alluring area of practice. Such work includes theoretical texts, self-published books and magazines, and other consumer products.

In 1996 Michael Rock’s essay “The Designer as Author” critiqued the graphic authorship model and became a touchstone for continuing debates.

The controversial idea of graphic authorship, although still not a dominant professional or economic paradigm for designers, has seized our imagination and permeates discussions of the future of design.

And, as an empowering model for practice, it leads the curriculum of many graphic design graduate programs.

Out of this recent push toward authorship, new collective voices hearkening back to the avant-garde are emerging.

As a result of technology, content generation by individuals has never been easier. (Consider the popularity of the DIY and the “Free Culture” movements.)!

As more and more designers, org along with the rest of the general population become initiators and produce me ers of content, a leveling is occurring.

This collective creative voice reflects a culture that has as its central paradigm the decentered power structure of the network and that promotes a more open sharing of ideas, tools, and intellectual property.

Whether this leveling of voices is a positive or negative phenomenon for graphic designers is under debate. Dmitri Siegel’s recent blog entry on Design Observer included in this collection,

Raise serious questions about where designers fall within this new paradigm of what he terms “prosumer- prism-simultaneous production and consumption.”

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Graphic Design Theory Book Pdf Free Download

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