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Scholars’ Thoughts On This Book

“Give and Take is a brilliant, well-documented, and motivating debunking of ‘good guys finish last! I’ve noticed for years that generosity generates its own kind of equity, and Grant’s fascinating research and engaging style have created not only a solid validation of that principle but also practical wisdom and techniques for utilizing it more effectively. This is a super manifesto for getting meaningful things done, sustainably.”

—David Allen, author of Getting Things Done

“Packed with cutting-edge research, concrete examples, and deep insight, Give and Take offers extraordinarily thought-provoking and often surprising conclusions about how our interactions with others drive our success and happiness. This important and compulsively readable book deserves to be a huge success.”

—Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home

“One of the great secrets of life is that those who win most are often those who give most. In this elegant and lucid book, filled with compelling evidence and evocative examples, Adam Grant shows us why and how this is so. Highly recommended!”

—William Ury, coauthor of Getting to Yes and author of The Power of a Positive No

“Good guys finish first—and Adam Grant knows why. Give and Take is the smart surprise you can’t afford to miss.”

—Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness

“Give and Take is an enlightening read for leaders who aspire to create meaningful and sustainable changes in their environments. Grant demonstrates how a generous orientation toward others can serve as a formula for producing successful leaders and organizational performance. His writing is as engaging and enjoyable as his style in the classroom.”

—Kenneth Frazier, chairman, president, and CEO, of Merck & Co., Inc.

Message From Author

If you’re interested in applying the principles in this book to your work or your life, I’ve compiled a set of practical actions that you can take.

Many of these actions are based on the strategies and habits of successful givers, and in each case, I’ve provided resources and tools for evaluating, organizing, or expanding giving.

Some of the steps focus on incorporating more giving into your daily behaviors; others emphasize ways that you can fine-tune your giving, locate fellow givers, or engage others in giving.

Test Your Giver Quotient. We often live in a feedback vacuum, deprived of knowledge about how our actions affect others. So that you can track your impact and assess your self-awareness, I’ve designed a series of free online tools.

Visit to take a free survey that tests your giver quotient.

Along with filling out your own survey, you can invite people in your network to rate your reciprocity style, and you’ll receive data on how often you’re seen as a giver, taker, and matcher.

Run a Reciprocity Ring. What could be achieved in your organization and what giving norms would develop if groups of people got together weekly for twenty minutes to make requests and help one another fulfill them?

For more information on how to start a Reciprocity Ring in your organization, visit Cheryl and Wayne Baker’s company, Humax (, which offers a suite of social networking tools for individuals and organizations.

They’ve created materials to run a Reciprocity Ring in person and a Ripplleffect tool for running it online. People typically come together in groups of fifteen to thirty.

Each person presents a request to the group members, who make contributions: they use their knowledge, resources, and connections to help fulfill the request.

Another start-up, (, has created an online marketplace where people can make and fulfill requests for help.

Embrace the Five-Minute Favor. If you visit a 106 Miles Meetup (, you might see Panda Adam Rifkin in top form.

He’s a master of the five-minute favor, and you can follow Panda’s lead by asking people what they need and looking for ways to help at a minimal personal cost.

Rifkin’s two favorite offers are to give honest feedback and make an introduction. For example, here’s a simple exercise to get started as a connector. Start by going through your Rolodex, LinkedIn, or Facebook network. Identify pairs of people who share an uncommon commonality.

Then, pick one pair a week and introduce them by e-mail. Rifkin also recommends reconnecting with dormant ties—not to get something, but to give. Once a month, reach out to one person with whom you haven’t spoken in years.

Find out what they’re working on and ask if there are ways that you can be helpful. On a related note, you can learn more about David Hornik’s approach to giving by visiting Venture Blog (

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Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success Book Pdf Free Download

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