Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success

Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success Book Pdf Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

Peter scheduled an appointment to drive out to see the scrap metal worker and help him with the plan changes. When he pulled up to the house, his jaw dropped.

The front door was covered in cobwebs and had not been opened in months. He drove around to the back, where a thirty-four-year old man opened the door.

The living room was full of bugs, and he could see straight through to the roof the entire ceiling had been ripped out.

The client made a feeble gesture to some folding chairs, and Peter began working through the client’s plan changes.

Feeling sympathy for the client, who seemed like an earnest, hardworking blue-collar man, Peter made a generous offer.

“While I’m here, why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself and I’ll see if there’s anything else I can help you with.”

The client mentioned a love of cars, and walked him around back to a dingy shed. Peter braced himself for another depressing display of poverty, envisioning a pile of rusted metal.

When Peter stepped inside the shed, he gasped. Spread out before him in immaculate condition were a first generation Chevy Camaro, built in 1966;

two vintage Australian Valiant cars with 1,000-horsepower engines for drag racing, a souped-up coupe utility car; and a Ford coupe from the movie Mad Max.

The client was not a scrap metal worker; he owned a lucrative scrap metal business. He had just bought the house to fix it up; it was on eleven acres, and it cost $1.4 million.

Peter spent the next year reengineering the client’s business, improving his tax position, and helping him renovate the house.

WriterAdam Grant
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Give And Take: A Revolutionary Approach To Success Book Pdf Free Download

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