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Q.1. Why is an idol or picture used for worship of God, who is formless? Is there more than one Gayatri?

Ans. It is an oft-repeated question. It should be understood that the basic purpose of worship is meditation and contemplation, and name and form are essential for meditation.

Eve where people coordinate feelings and symbols in order to refine their sentiments. Every nation has its own national flag.

Its citizens pay reverence to the national flag and get infuriated when it is insulted.

Even communists, who consider themselves atheists offer salutations to the red flag and when they go to Russia they pay a visit to Leningrad to have a glimpse of the place where Lenin’s embalmed body has been kept.

Muslims who do not believe in idol worship offer their prayers facing Kaba. They kiss the symbolic stone ‘Sang Asavad’ of Syah Moosa in Mecca.

Arya Samajists express divine faith in the letter ‘Om’ and in performing Agnihotra.

The obvious reason is that it is convenient to concentrate the mind with the help of symbols.

The work of teaching the alphabet to children becomes easy when it is done through pictorial symbols as Ka- Kabutar, Kha-Khargosh, Ga- Gamla, Gha- Ghadi, and so on in Hindi.

The same principle applies to the installation of idols of gods and goddesses. The Gayatri maha mantra does not have any other form or variant.

Its authentic classical form comprises a syntax of just twenty-four letters encompassing three verses of eight letters each, three Vyahritis, and one Onkar (0-0-0-m).

It is this ancient Mantra that is used during the traditional Sandhyavandan and for Gurudeekcha during the Yagyopaveet ceremony. It is also known as the Guru Mantra.

It appears that the other variants of Gayatri had been fabricated during the dark Middle Ages by founders of various sects to propagate their own pre-eminence.

Q.What is a Beej Mantra ? How is it applied?

Ans. All religions of the world make use of a part of their scriptures as a representative Beej Mantra.

Thus Moham¬ medans have their Kalma the Christians Baptism , and the Jains Namonkar Mantra. The Gayatri Mantra is the Beej Mantra for the Hindus.

An abbreviation of a Ved Mantra is also known as its Beej Mantra. Literally the word ‘Beej’ Means ‘Seed’ In the seed are inherent all the characteristics of the tree.

The DNA of a person is also akin to the seed of a plant, since it contains all genetic characteristics of a living organism.

Beej Mantras , like the microchips in the computer, are small but extraordinarily effective for invocation of specific streams of divine powers for particular objectives.

The application of Beej Mantras, however , belongs to Tantrik System and these can only be made use of under the guidance of an expert.

In Gayatri Mantra as a whole, there are Beej Mantras Bhur, Bhuwaha and Swaha, corresponding to each of its three segments. Besides, each of its 24 letters has a beej Mantra of its own.

The Beej Mantra in Gayatri is applied after the ‘ Vyahriti ’ (Bhur Bhuwaha Swaha ) prefixing “ Tatsaviturvamiyam …” It is also used as a suffix ( samput ) after “ Prachodayat. (Ref. ‘‘Gayatri Ka Har Akshar Shakti Shrot”).

Q.Is Gayatri worship conditioned? (Is Gayatri ‘ keelit ’)?

Ans. There are two methods for invoking powers of Gayatri. One the simple divine method for spiritual progress and the other an intricate method of ‘Tantra Shastra ’ for immediate fulfilment of worldly desires.

The Mantras of Tantra Shastra also have a destructive power. Unless, they are practised with a strict discipline and for proper objec¬ tive, they are capable of inflicting harm on the practitioner.

A person with an ulterior motive can inflict harm on others through the power obtained by invocation of occult powers through ‘Tantra Sadhana’ Hence specific key procedures are required to unlock the powers of Tantrik Mantras.

This, too, is possible only with the help of an experienced Guru.

As doses of a high potency medicine are to be decided by an experienced doctor, decoding or unlocking a Mantra (in the above discipline) depends on the spiritual status of the one practitioner.

‘Durga Shaptshati’ which requires ‘ Kavach ’, ‘Keelan ’ and ‘ Argal’ may be quoted as an ex¬ ample).

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Gayatri Sadhana: The Truth and Distortions PDF Free Download

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