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Garbhsanskar Mental and Intellectual Development of Unborn Child

GARBHSANSKAR essentially means educating the mind of the fetus. This is derived from the Sanskrit words Garbh [fetus in the womb] and Sanskar [educating the mind]. It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts as soon as he is conceived.

His personality begins to take shape in the womb, and this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy.

This knowledge can be traced back to ancient scriptures and is included in Ayurveda.

Although it may sound strange and weird, your bond with your child starts right from the time you conceive.

It is not that when the child is born you know him.

The baby listens to you and feels your feelings even when developing in your womb.

You can shape up your baby’s first impressions by listening to good music, visualizing, massaging gently meditating, and of course, with the help of positive thinking.

The popularity of GarbhSanskar is also because researchers have proved its relevance and importance in the development of the child.

There is scientific evidence that proves that a baby inside the mother’s womb responds to outside stimuli and can listen.

Doctors and experts also believe that there is a significant effect of the hormonal secretions that are activated by the thoughts of a mother on the unborn baby.

The advantages of GarbhSanskar are not only that you educate your child but there is the development of a bond between the mother and the child. This has a great impact on the health of the mother.

Positive thinking and attitude promote the physical well-being of the mother.

Experts encourage some of the practices of GarbhSanskar and say it may be worth talking to your baby, listening to music, and reading educative books while you are pregnant.

This shall make your baby have better sleeping habits, be more alert and confident, more content, more active at birth, better at breastfeeding, and bond with parents better Ancient Indian medicine has recognized the need for mental, spiritual, and physical preparation of the mother-to-be for the momentous event of childbirth.

Ayurveda describes this theory as “Suprajajanan” or maternity This “Suprajajanan”, as conceptualized in Ayurveda, involves the preparation of the couple planning pregnancy, three months before conception.

The beginning is by pindashuddhi or the purification of the gametes (sperm and ovum).

If the couple is not in a state of mental stability and calmness, even if they are physically fit, they cannot give birth to a healthy child.

This mental calmness and stability (“SathwaGuna”) of mind is closely related to one’s food habits and many other factors.

Abstinence from spicy foods and addictive substances is advised.

The mother’s bond with the child starts right from the time of conception.

The mother can shape up baby’s first impressions.

Positive thinking and attitude promote the physical well-being of the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy and after.

The advantages of GarbhSanskar are not only that you educate your child but there is the development of a bond between the mother and the child.

Chants, Meditation, and Mantras are most important during the process of GarbhSanskar. From the seventh month, a fetus can hear the sounds from the mother’s womb and the surroundings of the mother and also respond to them.

The sound of the mother’s heartbeats is the first and nearest sound heard by the fetus and hence when the mother takes her crying child close to her the child stops crying and becomes calm.

It is possible to give energy to the development of the child’s body, mind, and soul in the womb by listening to special music.

For example, the sound of the veena, flute, and Samaveda mantras gives health to the pregnant woman and the child.

There are various music cassettes and CDs of “GarbhSangeet” available in the market.

The wonderful gift of naturalization.

The human body takes a little over nine months, rather than ten lunar months to develop into a deliverables state from the human womb where it is implemented as the result of The fertilization of the mother.

Conception is the result of the fertilization of the ovum (female reproductive cell of the mother) by the sperm (Male reproductive cell of the father).

The fertilized ovum is then divided into many cells and implanted in the tissues of the uterus about a week later.

It is this fetus that starts growing in the uterine cavity receiving all the nutrients required for its growth from the mother through a complex structure called the placenta which develops with the fetus.

The placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus and nutrient substances pass from the mother’s blood to the blood of the fetus, which is attached to the placenta by a connecting cord called the umbilical cord.

GarbhSanskar Leads to,

Happy ME = Happy My Child

Introduction: The Human body is a fantastic psychosomatic creation

incomparable with any other creation ingenuity.

No amount of engineering or technological expertise can create a machine that can do all that a human body is capable of and is also a unique chemical laboratory.

No laboratory, however well-equipped and sophisticated, can perform the various functions and produce the chemical, biological, and hormonal products that a human body produces. Indeed, Homo sapiens is the highest form of living organism on the earth.

It is only the human body that can produce another such body.

However advanced we may consider ourselves technologically, reproduction is essentially a biological process and cannot be achieved by laboratory experiments.

Even the so-called test tube babies are not laboratory babies for only certain functions in the chain of functions that result in the birth of a human being are carried outside the human body.

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