From Volga To Ganga By Rahula Sankrityayana PDF

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From Volga To Ganga Book PDF Free Download

From Volga To Ganga Book PDF Free Download

From Volga To Ganga

IT is afternoon. Today, after how many days the blessing of sunshine has returned. Although with only five hours’ daylight, there is no vigor in the sun’s warmth, still there is no cloud.

Snowfall, fog, or strong wind. The sun pours its rays everywhere delighting the eyes and with their warm touch releasing joyful feelings in the mind.

What is visible all around? Under the blue sky’s roof, the earth is covered with snow, white as camphor. There has been no fresh snowfall in the last twenty-four hours.

And the snow on the ground has crystallized and hardened. But it does not conceal the earth one unvaried covering. Running from north to south is something like a silvery, crooked line, several miles long.

From far away on the hills, on each side. it can be made out as the edge of a dark range of forest. Let us Look at this forest from a nearer point Two kinds of Trees are the commonest in it.

One is the birch, with its skin of whitebark, but at present bare of leaves. The other is the flawlessly straight pine, shooting out its branches at equal angles from high up on the trunk.

With needle-like leaves of bright or darker green, Where snow has rested on the trees, the ice that has formed here and there on the branches and trunks makes an arresting pattern of black and white.

And what else Stretching in every direction lies one unbroken realm of terrible silence. Nowhere is heard the chirp of the cricket, the caressing music of birds, or the sound of any animal

Let us climb the pine that stands at the summit of the hill. and look all around. Perhaps something else will come in view besides snow, earth, pines.

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AuthorRahula Sankrityayana
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CategoryHistory, Story


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From Volga To Ganga Book PDF Free Download

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