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Let us begin by pointing out a few things gesture will not mean at this stage in the description of a figure. It does not necessarily involve expressing your innermost emotional state.

It also does not involve a haphazard and exciting flailing of the drawing medium on and around the page. In the first section of the book, the gesture is presented in a more intuitive way, in order to emphasize exaggeration.

Later, the gesture is discussed as a representation of the spine. In both cases, throughout the book, a “gesture drawing is considered the framework for everything you plan to accomplish. Additionally, think of “gesture” in a very open-ended way.

“Gesture” could be the same thing that an armature is to a sculpture, or that a rig maybe to a developed 3-D animation or model, etc.

At this early stage, the focus will be on communicating an idea to a viewer or audience. In order to communicate an idea effectively, you want to start by distilling everything seen into only the essential qualities of the figure/ character in front of you (or in your imagination).

Through this drawing process, the goal is to take your attention outside of drawing the figure and onto the basic mechanics that allow that figure to manifest.

By following this rationale, you will increase your whole artistic skill set. while learning to organize that skill set in a way that can produce a figure.

This chapter is the most important to the continued development of the book and should be something studied continuously. It also begins the drawing process.

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Figure Drawing Design And Invention Book Pdf Free Download

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