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the forehead. Perhaps we have always thought of the head so much in terms of belonging to a definite individual that we have never considered it in a mechanical sense.

It perhaps never occurs to us that a smile is a mechanical principle in action, as well as evidence of a bearing personality. Actually, the mechanics involved in a smile are the same as those used in a drawstring on a curtain.

The string is attached to something fixed at one end, and to the material at the other. Pulling the string buckles the material. The cheek plumps out in the same way.

The working of the jaw is like a hinge or a derrick, but the hinge is of the ball-and-socket type. The eyes roll in their sockets like a ball bearing held in place.

The eyelids and the lips are like slits in a rubber ball, which naturally close except when they have been pulled apart. There is a mechanical principle beneath every expression put into action by the brain.

Underlying the flesh of the face are muscles that are capable of expansion and contraction, just like all the other muscles of the body. We discuss this interesting material in more detail later.

We start drawing the head by establishing points on the ball and on the facial plane. Both the ball and the facial plane must be subdivided in order to establish those points.

No matter how much you draw, how skilled you get to be, how well trained your eye becomes you will always have to begin by building the head correctly. just as a carpenter, no matter how long he has.

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Drawing the Head and Hands Book Pdf Free Download

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