Europe Best Cities Report 2023 PDF

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Europe Best Cities Report

Resonance Consultancy ranks global cities (principal cities of metropolitan areas with populations of more than 500,000) by using a combination of statistical performance and qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors in 24 areas grouped into six core categories.

Principal cities are defined as the largest city in each metropolitan statistical area. This year, we disqualified Moscow, St.

Petersburg, and all Russian cities from our list due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our population numbers are sourced from Eurostat and Demographia’s latest available data.


Europe’s cities are the engines of their regional, national, and, increasingly, global economy. For centuries, they’ve been badges of human ingenuity.

Yes, they’ve been hobbled over the past three years, exposing the long-ignored foundational and institutional problems that manifested on their streets and in their hospitals.

But they’re also leading—like they always have—the recovery and future-defining next stages of our innovation, livability, and sustainability.

Given the new rules of post-pandemic migration, the rise of remote work, and the never-ending search for housing affordability, more cities are catching the imagination of global talent more frequently, with urban wealth and vibrancy created in more places than ever before.

Europe’s urban citizens are gathering again, once more colliding and creating the culture, wealth, and energy that defines the zeitgeist and path forward for their countries, regions, and the planet.

The 100 cities that we profile over the next 50 pages are, in each of their distinct ways, at the heart of that renewal in 2023.

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Europe Best Cities Report PDF Free Download

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