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Pitch. The pitch of a roof is taken thus A house 24 ft. wide over the walls and with a ridge 12 ft. high above the level of the wall plates, is said to have a half-pitch; with 8 ft. of a rise the pitch is a third; with 6 ft. a fourth, and so on.

No matter how many slopes there are, or what is the size of them, the rule still holds. If the projections are all regularly on the main roof they can be taken in as well, to begin with,.

only they are sometimes not regular. The projections of the dormers or anything that cuts through the roof cannot be included. The main roof can be taken in one operation by measuring out to the level of the eaves, or the “plan,” and also the overhang on the end.

The reason all through is that the slope on a certain pitch, no matter what, will cover a certain area on the level. Thus 100 sq. ft. on the level needs on a ½ pitch slope 142 sq. ft. to roof it over.

This is a valuable rule to any builder, and it is always safe. Why trouble to take off areas in the old and slow way? If there is a deck the area of the roof can be deducted in the proportion of 142 roofs to 100 decks on a % pitch,

Example.—Suppose we have a plan 40 x 22 ft., and an L extension, 8 x 16 ft. The area is 1,008 sq. ft. The area of the roof strictly plumb with the outside of the walls will be for

pitch, 1,432 sq. ft.; for 4. 1,210; for 4, 1,129; for 34. 1,815. Add projections. But now let us take a pitch to illustrate the deck area.

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Estimating Building Costs Book Pdf Free Download

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