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Estimating Building Costs

intonation The pitch of a roof is taken as follows: A house whose walls are 24 feet wide and have a slope of 12 feet.

above the level of the wall plates, called half pitch; The pitch is one third with a rise of 8 feet; With 6 ft., a quarter, etc.

It doesn’t matter how many slopes there are, or what their shape is, the rule still holds.

If all the projections are on the regular main terrace, then for starters they can also be moved inside.

Only they are sometimes not regular.

Projecting dormers or anything that cuts the roof may not be included.

The main roof can be taken up in a single operation by measuring the level, or “plan” of the eaves and finally the overhang.

Overall this is because the slope at a fixed pitch, whatever it is, will cover a fixed area on the level. Thus to make a level roof of 100 sq ft, 142 sq ft is required at a ½ pitch slope.

This is a valuable rule for any builder, and it’s always safe.

Why bother deleting fields the old and slow way? If there is a deck, the area of the roof may be cut in the ratio of 142 roofs to 100 decks at % pitch,

Example – Suppose we have a plan of 40 x 22 feet, and an L extension, 8 x 16 feet. The area is 1,008 sq.ft. The roof area will be strictly level with the outer side of the walls.

pitch, 1,432 sq ft; 4. for 1,210; 4, for 1,129; 34. For 1,815. Add Estimate. But now let’s take a pitch for painting the deck area.

rate per hour. – given the low rate, as 20 cents an hour was a common standard on many railroads and in the South; It’s easy to add 50 percent, or double the amount, in line with the local rate.

The key is to keep an eye on the quantity and multiply by whatever the local rate is in cents per hour.

Time. – A reasonable average of one cubic yard for one person over a thousand yards in very wet soil is 2j4 hours. It’s summer; In winter, 4^.

The displaced material is estimated to have simply been dumped around the bank, and not carried away.

On a large contract about 20 feet below grade, each yard took 8 hours for one man, even in very wet soil.

This involved loading and carrying on wagons.

It covers a distance of about half a mile.

That is, the total cost of excavation is divided by the number of yards, and, including teaming, the rate per yard is $1.60, or 8 hours for a man at 20 cents an hour.

The normal price for a steam excavator on good soil is 70 cents.

That’s a very high unit price of $1.60, but the teams couldn’t get down into the excavation, and had to lift the material part of the way up.

nearly 4,000 yards on another contract. Dug and carried half a mile at an average cost of 1.4 yards.

for one man per hour. This is 28 cents, which shows the difference between a well-drained fine soil and a wet type soil. Allow 56 cents on an hourly basis of 40 cents.

On another building with no haulage and good soil the cost was 1.2 cu. yds.

for one laborer per hour. Most of this work was carried out by scrap dealers.

This makes the cost of 24 cents per yard even more reasonable at 20 cents an hour; and 56 at 40 cents.

Where work was done in teams, the cost for a man and team was about $4.50 a day. Teams can be found for $3.50 in some places; In other busy years they cost $6.

Due to low wages, cheap teams, and short distances, digging was sometimes done for 15 to 25 cents per yard.

rock excavation. – Runs on average % cubic meter. yd. for one laborer per hour. In some cases only half of the work can be done.

When there is a large piece of rock to be excavated men accustomed to the work are set upon it, and good results are obtained; But when there is only a small job to be handled and ordinary laborers are used, the cost is bound to be high.

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Estimating Building Costs Pdf Free Download

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