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the diagram is the dominant tool employed in color specification today. However, increasing use is being made of the CIE 1976 chromaticity diagram, which is an approximately uniform version.

A discussion has been introduced in which the latter is presented. The text concerning the especially important OSA Uniform Color Scales has been expanded and now occupies a chapter by itself (Chap. 9).

Dia- grams are provided to identify both uniform color scales and uniform two-dimensional color arrays in the OSA scheme. The CIELUV and CIELAB color spaces poSSEss similar potential value in art and design.

These are both discussed in greater detail (Chap 8). The number of sections in Chaps 7 and 8 have been expanded, and the following new topics have been introduced iridescPLE COLOTE (liquid aysfals), metameric illumination, color rendering the German Standard Color Chart.

and two Tapaus color samples Chroma Cosmos 5000, Chromatin 707). The dance in the Swedish NCS scheme of notation was not included in the earlier edition of this book, the revised notation is presented here.

In the Introduction of the earlier edition, Rated names of contemporary color scientists who have made technical contributions in areas that are particularly pertinent in art and design.

Not surprisingly, I have since learned of other major contributions. and. if I Attempted a twist. I fear that it too would be inadequate. Now appreciate better the rather widespread incen in color science for the di artists and designers,

In the preparations for tiles Tew edition Tvend, the help Much of the discussion of afterimages in Chap. 11 deals with afterimage complementary pairs.

This is the type of complementary colors considered by Goethe in his color studies and frequently employed by artists in the past.

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Digital Color in Graphic Design Book Pdf Free Download

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