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All parallel lines in a perspective drawing meet at one point regardless of how many lines there are or how high they may be from the ground.

All horizontal lines merge into the eye-level line when they reach the eye-level. Parallel lines that are below the eye-level tilt upward; when above the eye-level they tilt downward toward the vanishing point.

A building can be considered as a stack of bricks. Whoever can draw bricks can draw a city. Place books in a stack on your desk so that the top edge of the top book reaches your eye-level. Make a sketch.

Now stand up and sketch the same group. Place the books on something that is above the eye level and sketch them. Compare the three drawings.

Make a drawing of some buildings that you can see from your window. Draw it as if it were bricks. Now draw a whole group of buildings in this manner,

Notice that we cannot have both points on the same side of the drawing. As soon as we turn the cube in order to create that relationship we find that the point passes to the other side.

One perspective point is on the left and the other on the right of the center of interest. This relationship does not hold, of course, from a one-point perspective.

When you point in the same direction as the line you are sketching, you are pointing toward the vanishing point of that line. The two vanishing points lie on the eye-level line out in the direction of the two lines forming the square corner on which you stand.

As the object is turned this corner revolves around the point on which you stand. You can thus follow the change in direction of the points. The two vanishing points hold opposite sides of the center of interest. They cannot get together.

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Perspective Made Easy Book Pdf Free Download

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