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In the book Eastern Religions and Western Thought, author Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher and former President of India, describes the leading ideas of Indian philosophy and religion.

He traces the possible influence of Indian mysticism on Greek thought and Christian development through Alexandrian Judaism, Christian Gnosticism, and Neo-Platonism.

In attempting to convey the depth of my gratitude for the esteemed honor bestowed upon me by the election of the newly established Chair of Eastern Religions and Ethics at this venerable University, I find myself tempted to seek elaborate expressions, possibly verging on tedious. Instead, I prefer to express my thanks simply and sincerely.

Six years ago, I had the privilege of spending a few months in the halls of this university. However, at that time, I was a stranger within its doors – present in it, though not entirely.

Therefore, now dear is the honor of being admitted into the fellowship of persons bound by their dedication to the highest ideal of truth and their commitment to practice it for the good of humanity.

Reflecting on the distinguished names of my colleagues and the knowledge and erudition they possess, I am acutely aware of my own limitations. In light of this, I humbly appeal to my colleagues, seeking understanding and support that would greatly benefit me.

My sincere appreciation goes out to all, and I look forward to contributing to this community of scholars united in the pursuit of truth for the greater good.

Trying to understand the essence of one’s era proves to be a challenging endeavor. People immersed in their contemporary era often struggle to maintain a different perspective.

Yet, driven by our rational nature, we find ourselves compelled to question the significance of modern life—a life characterized by intense activity and rapid change. In the words of Socrates, the inquiry into what man should be and what he should pursue is the noblest pursuit.

Human history, far from being a sequence of random events, unfolds as a meaningful process and significant development. While outside observers may be fascinated by wars, battles, economic distortions, and political upheavals, beneath the surface lies a truly majestic drama—the dynamic interplay between humanity’s limited efforts and the universe’s sovereign purpose.

Man, unwilling to accept unresolved conflicts, is naturally driven to seek harmony and strive for adjustment. The journey of human progress unfolds through a series of integrations, marked by the creation of coherent structures.

This perspective, delivered in the inaugural lecture delivered to the University of Oxford on October 20, 1936, underscores the profound nature of human experience and the relentless pursuit of harmony vis-à-vis the supreme purpose of the universe.

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Eastern Religions And Western Thought English PDF Free Download

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